Unboxing: Sailor Moon S – Part 1 & Part 2 (DVD) [AUS]

Although Madman Entertainment are ‘fast’ on the way to rereleasing the original Sailor Moon as Complete Series collections we take a step back and explore the previous ‘DVD Editions’ of the series; of which were released across two installments. For this unboxing article we will be taking a closer look at the Limited Edition DVD variations of Sailor Moon S – Parts 1 and 2.

Sailor Moon – Part 1 (Limited Edition):

Just like with Madman Entertainment’s release of Sailor Moon – Part 1 and Sailor Moo R – Part 1, of which we also unboxed, the Australian release of Sailor Moon S – Part 1 is also available in two different editions, a Standard Edition and Limited Edition set, with the latter containing an artbox, which would also hold Part 2 to give the impression of a Complete Series Box Set, and an artbook featuring all sorts of newly drawn artwork.

The packaging design and presentation is similar to the previous Limited Edition DVD release of Sailor Moon, with a character image of Usagi and the Sailor Moon logo; however the biggest difference is that the box colour is Blue as opposed to Pink.

The artbook meanwhile features a wide variety of artwork and information about characters within this particular series of Sailor Moon and remains consistent with the artbook, in quality and presentation, as that released with the previous Sailor Moon – Season 1 Part 1 Limited Edition DVD release.

Inside the artbox we have a standard DVD amaray case which holds four DVD discs with a slightly different artwork style being used on the front and some colourful artwork on the inside; which in turn gives Sailr Moon fans additional artwork to look at on the inside. All of this, and more, you’ll be able to see in our detailed unboxing.

Sailor Moon – Part 2:

The second Sailor Moon S release by Madman Entertainment is non-other-than Season 3 Part 2  (or Sailor Moon S – Part 2) and features the remaining episodes of the series (yet again) across four DVD discs. Unlike the previous Sailor Moon S release this one has only been released as a standard DVD set and as such there is nothing really special; it’s just the uniquely designed discs in a standard amaray case.

While this is the case it’s worth mentioning that the front cover of Part 2 remains consistent with the artbox design from Part 1 and the same can be said on the inside of the Amaray case whereby each DVD disc is coloured slightly differently in response to the character artwork that’s on them as well as that underneath the discs is a large piece of character artwork.

It’s worth mentioning that all of these DVD discs are Region 4 (so they can only be played on multi-regional devices) and that this release features the new Viz Media English Dub of Sailor Moon as well as it’s original Japanese audio with English Subtitles

If you are looking for the original Sailor Moon anime on DVD then these Australian releases would be the way to go; as not only do they look great on the shelf but they are enjoyable to watch as well; but it is also worth noting that Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon S, are available on Blu-Ray, which are Region B Compatible, within Australia via Madman Entertainment.

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