Game Review: Gal*Gun 2 (Switch)

PQube Games brings us another slice of lewd shooting fun with Gal*Gun 2 on the Nintendo Switch; but does this latest instalment into the Gal*Gun franchise manage to keep us entertained? Well let’s find out!

Title: Gal*Gun 2
Publisher: PQube Games
Developer: Inti Creates
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English (White)
Local Players: 1
Online Players: N/A
Install: YES (3.1 GB)

Our View:

I was expecting Gal*Gun 2 to deliver ‘big things’ but unlike its predecessor, Gal*Gun: Double Peace, it seems the franchise has taken a step-back with its user controlled mechanics and quirky motion controls.

Developed by Inti Creates, as well as localised and published within Europe (and North America) by PQube Games, Gal*Gun 2 is the lewd on-rails-styled shooter in which players must shoot pheromone bullets at females in order to quench their attraction to the unnamed protagonist. Think The House of the Dead, but instead of Zombies we have females with raging hormones; all of which want…well, you.

From a fundamental perspective Gal*Gun 2 is very reminiscent to the previous game Gal*Gun: Double Peace, of which is available for the PS4, PS Vita and Windows PC; but it’s here where things take a drastic turn and offer a different storyline and gameplay experience… a change that I myself did not like but eventually grew to enjoy.

In Gal*Gun 2 the story follows the unnamed protagonist who is requested by Risu of the Angel Ring Company (AR Co) to track down demons located within the area; this of which is achieved by wearing a VR Headset and using the Demon Sweeper gun. Unfortunately this VR headset has a side effect; as once worn it can not be taken off until the ‘demon capture quota’ has been met – additionally while wearing the VR headset all females will become attracted to the unnamed protagonist.

Compared to the previous game, which saw an Angel accidentally shoot an unnamed character with a pheromone blast which made him desirable to the opposite sex, the story within Gal*Gun 2 seems a bit ‘weak’. Fortunately Gal*Gun 2 does offer some new characters, interesting plot twists and a few familiar faces later into the game; but that’s if you are willing to stick with the sluggish controls, stream of loading screens and slightly repetitive gameplay – that is until you reach a boss battle.

This, in hindsight, is Gal*Gun 2’s biggest weakest, and in turn disappointment, as gone are the fast on-rails-shooter mechanics of the original game(s) as they have now been replaced by a manual system that would probably work better as a PlayStation VR / HTC Vive game.

In Gal*Gun 2 players are given full 360 degree camera control of the unnamed protagonist and as such must move the camera around in order to find the enemies on screen and shoot them; some of which may be close by while others may be in the distance. Once all of the enemies have been defeated the player must then pick one of multiple locations on where to move to; each of which offering a different vantage point of enemy threats.

On paper this sounds like a good idea, and potentially a natural progression of ‘upgrading’ the on-rails-shooter experience that has been seen in previous games; but unfortunately – in my opinion at least – it hampers the enjoyment and makes it a slower experience.

On-Rail-Shooters are meant to be fast, simple and fun and while Gal*Gun 2 is fun, the simple and fast paced nature is somewhat lost with this new play style; even more so with the (at times) twitchy input of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. It’s worth noting that Motion Control is supported, and while it does make the camera movement speed faster than the Analog sticks the results on hitting targets can.

Disregarding this manual camera and movement, of which breaks the on-rails-shooter elements Gal*Gun is known for, Gal*Gun 2 does feature some new entertaining shooter elements. First of all Gal*Gun 2 retains the usual shooting elements of shooting any female that gets in your way; but this time Mini Kuronas (mini variations of the Demon Kurona) attach themselves to females and can be sucked up using the Demon Sweeper Gun once they have been shot off the attacking character.

To make ‘sucking them up’ that more challenging the Demon Sweeper only has limited sucking power and has to be recharged by waiting or successfully shooting enemies. Another gameplay mechanic is the Zoom feature; by zooming in and focusing on a females face it can cause all characters to be defeated in a single shot. Additional movement inputs, which in reality do not really add any real value to the experience, are also available and are used when the view-path is obstructed in some form.

This Demon Sweeper Gun can also be upgraded by playing through the games campaign, and doing additional side-missions with the upgrade process being handled by the unnamed protagonists nextdoor neighbour. It’s unclear why this character does the upgrade, as the weapon has been issued by the AR Co, but that’s what happens. This alternate approach means that players can choose to Suck-Up the mini-demons or destroy them completely; with different rewards earned depending on your choice.

So; with this being said how do the levels within Gal*Gun 2 play? It varies from mission to mission but generally players will manually navigate around a certain location shooting female characters and sucking up demons with the Sweeper Gun. Missions range from Defending a certain location, finding a selective number of items within a particular location or by defeating all demons in sight. Regardless of the mission they are accessed via the hub menu at the School and new missions are unlocked as part of natural progression, some of which include side-missions which allow players to interact with other female characters around the school campus once completed.

One important thing to note is that the game features two hub worlds, the first of which is located at school and allows the player to choose missions and interact with classmates. The second hub world, of which becomes accessible at the end of the school day (when two missions have been completed), is the unnamed protagonists home and here the player can interact with the girl next door; and this is the same girl who upgrades the Demon Sweeper Gun once upgrades available.

Regardless of the hub world the player can interact with either female companion and by giving them sweets they will respond in various ways; including a ‘massage’ mini-game if successful. In between missions, and hub worlds, are cut-scenes of which act as a way to bridge the story between each mission – but in most cases becomes mindless dribble; fortunately most of these cut-scenes offer player interaction with mutli-choice options that can affect the progression of the game.

Any mission played can also be replayed in the ‘Score Attack Mode’ which, as the name would suggest, keeps a track of scores earned during the level for that more ‘competitive’ gameplay experience. Those wishing to ‘personalise’ the experience can do so by customising costumes worn by characters in the game; of which only a limited amount are available to choose from – but it adds some much needed variety to what slowly becomes a repetitive, but fun, game.

Overall Gal*Gun 2 is fun and quirky but it’s not the sequel I expected it to be and not the sequel I wanted, as everything I enjoyed about the previous games has been tweaked to make it a similar, but new, experience.

Some may say it adds to the overall experience as it gives the player more control; but in my mind Gal*Gun: Double Peace – and in turn the original Gal*Gun – was a much more entertaining game both in terms of story and gameplay. Regardless Gal*Gun 2 runs exceptionally well on the Nintendo Switch and brings some lewd anime fun to both your home and anywhere you go on your Nintendo Switch console.

Score: review-stars-3

Gal*Gun 2 is now available for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 within Europe.

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