Unboxing: Assassination Classroom – Season 1 Part 1 & Season 1 Part 2 [UK]

Back in 2016 the UK based anime distributor Anime Limited, otherwise known as All The Anime, released the first season of Assassination Classroom onto Blu-ray and DVD within the UK, with the series itself being split into two half-season-sets as most twenty-six (or so) episodes do. While the DVD release was relegated to a standard amaray release the Blu-Ray variation, in especially to Season 1 Part 1, receive the Collector’s Edition treatment and today in our latest unboxing we will be taking a look at both Blu-Ray parts of Assassination Classroom – Season 1.

Firstly when Assassination Classroom – Season 1 Part 1 was released it was available as a Limited Edition set, with the Limited Edition containing a chipboard artbox that would house both Part 1 and Part 2 to offer a complete series boxset. Bizarrely this artbox had its own issues as Anime Limited opted to use the same production assets as those used by FUNimation, who originally licensed and dubbed this show in America, to create the artbox and as a result states that the season is both DVD and Blu-Ray format when it is just Blu-Ray. This Limited Edition also included a ‘Student Handbook’ that contained a notebook and a small selection of artwork.

In terms of ‘disc content’ and presentation then both Assassination Classroom – Season 1 Part 1 and Assassination Classroom – Season 1 Part 2 offer the same style and presentation; with a thin amaray Blu-ray case with reversible artwork and each set containing two Blu-ray discs. The series itself is presented in English 5.1 an Japanese 2.0 (with English Subtitles) while bonus features include textless songs, trailers and other items releated to Assassination Classroom. It’s a simplistic Limited Edition release and, in some aspects at least, follows same with how the series was released in America by FUNimation. You can explore both sets in our detailed unboxing videos below.

Assassination Classroom – Season 1 Part 1 (Limited Edition Blu-Ray):

Assassination Classroom – Season 1 Part 2 (Blu-Ray):

Both Assassination Classroom – Season 1 Part 1 and Assassination Classroom – Season 1 Part 2 are available on DVD and Blu-Ray within the UK via Anime Limited.

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