Viceland UK To Broadcast A Letter to Momo, Patema Inverted & Mai Mai Miracle This Week

New TV listings on the Sky Planner have revealed that VICELAND UK (Sky Channel 153) will be showing A Letter to Momo, Patema Inverted and Mai Mai Miracle alongside regular scheduled anime showings of Tokyo Ghoul, Samurai Champloo and Eureka Seven.

According to the updated listings Patema Inverted will be shown on Tuesday 26th December 2017 and Friday 29th December 2017 at 7:05pm, with A Letter to Momo being shown on Wednesday 27th December 2017 at 7pm, Mai Mai Miracle meanwhile will be shown on Saturday 30th December 2017.


Patema Inverted: Patema has lived her whole life underground. Following a catastrophic attempt to harness alternative power sources, her community were driven to settle in a dark, cramped network of tunnels below ground. She roams them by torchlight, dreaming of adventures on the surface.

Age does not fit in comfortably in school or society as a whole. The world he lives in is known as Aiga , controlled by the tyrant Izamura s family for generations. The city at the centre of the kingdom is dominated by a massive Control Tower with a vast wasteland lurking on the horizon. Together the pair are about to be pulled into something much bigger that will turn their worlds on their heads…

Mai Mai Miracle: Shinko, is a third grade elementary school student with a magically active imagination. She spends a lot of her time listening to her grandfather’s history lessons, imagining what her town was like 1,000 years earlier.

One day, a sad and sombre girl called Kiiko transfers to Shinko’s school from Tokyo. A strong friendship soon grows between the two girls as Shinko helps Kiiko come out of her shell and deal with her loss – all thanks to their adventures, both imagined and real.

A Letter to Momo: The last time Momo saw her father, they had a fight. Now all she has left to remember him by is an incomplete letter penned with the words “Dear Momo,” but nothing more.

Moving with her mother to the remote Japanese island of Shio, Momo soon discovers three Yokai living in her attic, a trio of mischievous spirit creatures that only she can see and who create mayhem in the tiny seaside community as she tries desperately to keep them hidden. But these funny monsters have a serious side and may hold the key to helping Momo discover what her father had been trying to tell her.

It is expected that all three films will be shown in English dubbed format; much like how Tokyo Ghoul, Samurai Chmaploo and Eureka Seven are being shown; speaking of which Tokyo Ghoul and Samurai Champloo are continuing to be shown during the ‘late night anime’ block on VICELAND UK while Eureka Seven can be seen at 7am on selective mornings. Viceland UK is available on Sky 153 and is also available on the streaming platform NOW TV.

A Letter to Momo, Patema Inverted and Mai Mai Miracle are currently available on DVD and Blu-Ray, with Patema Inverted also being available as an Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray and DVD Combo Pack, within the UK and they are both distributed within the UK by Anime Limited.

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