Bandai Namco Entertainment Reveals New Code Vein Details

Details surrounding Bandai Namco Entertainment’s upcoming action-adventure RPG Code Vein still remain relatively scarce, despite the fact that the game has been made playable at various events across the globe; and recently the publisher have confirmed new details about the game.

Firstly Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed that Mia’s little brother, Nicola Karnstein, will wander in Vein land along with his sister and they will protect each other in the different areas.

Additionally a new game area, known as the Ridge of Frozen Souls,  has been unveiled as harrowing mountain pass that features limited visibility, narrow ledges, deep snow, and an ice-covered cave.  As part of this area Players will also have to contend against a massive armored enemy deep within the Ridge of Frozen Souls. This huge imposing figure is surprisingly fast and will combine its speed with its heavy shield to rush down the player.

In order to survive these areas special attacks will have to be used. These Blood Veils abilities allow for powerful blood drain attacks that will make quick work of enemies and also regain Ichor, which is needed to perform additional skills. The new Ivy Blood Veil unleashes a swift attack, producing thorns that emerge from the ground, piercing enemies from afar. Other Blood Veils announced include Hounds, Ogre, and Stinger, each with their own attack power and range of use. Players can switch out Blood Veils for the appropriate circumstances.

Finally players in CODE VEIN will be able customise weapons, Blood Veil and a special blood type named Blood Code. Each Blood Code has a special skill depending on the owner. When players equip their character with the Blood Code feature, they will get the original owner’s special skill. For example, Ranger Blood Code will be useful in dungeons, Hunger Blood Code is for ranged battles and Berseker Blood Code is for short distance battles.

The final piece of news is that Ufotable, the animation studio behind the anime series Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, God Eater and Tales of Zesteria X, will also be handling the anime for the opening animation in the game.

Code Vein is in development for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC and is scheduled to be released next year worldwide.

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