Big Fish & Begonia and Lu Over The Wall To Debut at BFI London Film Festival This October

The 2017 BFI London Film Festival line-up has been revealed and with it two new anime films have been confirmed for a thearetical release within the UK; namely Big Fish & Bgonia via Manga Entertainment UK and Lu Over The Wall via Anime Limited.

Big Fish & Begonia:

Distributed within the UK via Manga Entertainment and Written, Produced and directed by Liang Xuan and Zhang Chun; Big Fish & Begonia is a chinese animated fantasy film that follows Young Chun who goes on a journey of self-discovery through her own magical world. The film was originally released in China last year, in 2016, but now the film will be shown as part of the BFI London Film Festival on the 8th October 2017 with tickets on sale on the 14th September through the official BFI Website.

It’s currently unknown if Manga Entertainment UK will screen the film outside of the BFI London Film Festival but we expect new details to be shared soon.

Synopsis: Beneath the human world is a mystical domain whose inhabitants, once they turn 16 years old must travel through a vortex to observe mankind for a week. During this time, they are barred from direct contact with the human beings. Young Chun takes the form of a dolphin, but on her journey unwittingly finds herself in a life and death situation involving a human boy that results in her making a huge decision. Chun’s world is an incredible magical realm whose residents include a one-eyed man carried in a carriage by cats, a giant two-headed snake and a rat matron who commands her obliging vermin gang. Big Fish & Begonia is an exceptional, visually breathtaking Chinese animated fantasy, as near to the best of Studio Ghibli as you’re likely to find anywhere. Think Spirited Away meets The Little Mermaid and you’re on the right track.

Lu Over the Wall:

Previously confirmed at MCM London Comic Con in May Lu Over the Wall is a Japanese animated film produced by Science Saru and was released by Toho in Japan. The film follows high school student Kai who moves to a rural fishing village and rekindles his desire to make music.

This film will be shown as part of the BFI London Film Festival on the 14th October 2017 and 15th October 2017 with tickets on sale from the 14th September 2017 on the official BFI Website. Anime Limited will also make the film available in cinemas across the UK from the 6th December 2017.

Synopsis: Following his parent’s divorce, high schooler Kai (Shōta Shimoda) moves to his father’s home in a rural fishing village, whose superstitions about mermaids force the young man to repress his desire to make music. When his classmates force him to join their band however, their melodies attract the affections of Lu (Kanon Tani), a mermaid whose joy will reveal that superstitions are just that and being different doesn’t mean we’re not the same.

We can expect further details surrounding both films to be revealed in due course; but for the time being we’ve got two anime films to look forward to as part of the BFI Film Festival line-up.


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