Game Review: Monster Monpiece (PC)

Monster Monpiece makes its transition from handheld to PC; but just what can one expect from this latest steam release? Well let’s take a look.

  Title: Monster Monpiece
Publisher: Idea Factory International
Developer: Compile Heart
Platform: PC
Resolution: 1920 X 1080
Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English (White)
Local Players: 1
Online Players: N/A
Install: YES

Our View:

Originally released as a PS Vita game in 2013 within Japan, and then later released within Europe as a digital download for the PS Vita the following year; Monster Monpiece is a visual-novel styled trading-card-game that sees the player take control of May and her new monster-girl partner as they embark on an adventure to uncover an unknown evil threat that plagues the world of humans and monster-girls.

For the most part the story of Monster Monpiece progresses with visual-novel styled dialogue while the player is left watching the various female characters, and in turn their female-monster-girls, talk with one another until it eventually leads in to the actual gameplay; which in this case a tower-defense styled trading-card-game.

In sounds confusing; but in actuality it is extremely simple. Basically each player has their own castle and the objective is to destroy your opponent’s castle by using your deck of monster cards. In ‘Yu-GI-Oh! or Magic: The Garthering’ rules the castles are the life / hit points and landing successful attacks on your opponents will result in damage being dealt to your opponent. Generally each character has three life points; so three hits and it is over but as you progress through the game stronger opponents can be discovered.

So how exactly does one destroy your opponent’s castle? Quite simple actually; by using your monster cards – which are actually monsters in female-humanoid-forms – players can summon these creatures to the playing field in order to attack (or defend from) their opponent. Each monster has an attack and defense score so those with a high defense can defend well against those with low attacks (and vice versa). It’s the simplistic card game mechanics that any Yu-Gi-Oh! (or any type of Trading Card Game) fan will understand but its replicated extremely well within this game.

To make the gameplay a ‘little more interesting’ the field is made up of three rows and several squares per row. The idea is that the player summons their monster on to a square of their side of the field and after each turn that monster will move one step closer to your opponent’s castle. Upon reaching the castle your monster will attack; thus in turn dealing damage to the castle, and in turn their opponent’s life points; however if your opponent places a monster in your path then two will battle, with the victor being whoever has the highest attack points.

Naturally this is just the basic gameplay but as players further explore the game new types of monsters and abilities will become available; such as the fusion and combination techniques which see the same types of monster fused together to create a stronger monster.

As this is a card game (of sorts) players can freely customize, expand and tweak their deck with new cards being obtained from within the shop or earned during battles. As this is the ‘expanded’ PC game its worth noting that some exclusive cards have been added – such as a card based on Neptune from the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise. By obtaining new cards, and in turn customizing your deck,players can fully customize their gameplay experience – as mentioned this is simply a digital card game with the added twist of an entertaining story and monster girls.

While the game does have an entertaining story mode and a colourful cast of quirky characters Monster Monpiece is a solo single-player experience so those hoping to customise their deck and go online will be disappointed that it is not possible to do this. Naturally this is a real shame; however the game offers enough of a challenge and diversity that the multiplayer aspect – from my perspective at least – is not entirely missed.

My experience with Monster Monpiece was entirely different to my expectations; the expectation I had was that Monster Monpiece would be a ‘questionable’ tower-defence-game with a lewd approach; but in actuality Monster Monpiece is an entertaining adventure with a fully interesting gameplay mechanics and a quirky cast of characters. This experience is also enhanced by the exclusive PC features, such as improved visuals and Steam support, meaning that the artwork of the characters look even better than before.

If you had fun playing Idea Factory’s other titles, such as Hyperdimension Neptunia and Fairy Fencer F, then you’ll love whats on offer with Monster Monpiece; even though it is a completely different type of gameplay experience. Monster Monpiece is a ‘monster’ of a trading card game and its well worth adding to your Steam collection.

Score: review-stars-4

Monster Monpiece is now available on Steam for the PC.

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