Anime Limited Announce Replacement Scheme for Your Lie in April – Part 1

When Anime Limited released Your Lie in April – Part 1 as a Collector’s Edition blu-ray release last year it was received with a mixed response from the public (including ourselves) due to its incredible difficulty in removing the digi-pack from the outer sleeve (as noted in our unboxing video) and the minor errors revolving around the packaging (such as incorrect logos being used). These issues did not go unnoticed by the UK Distributor as Anime Limited have now issued plans to replacement everyone that has been affected by this issue.

Back in November we released Part 1 of the very popular series Your Lie In April on Ltd Collector’s Edition Blu-ray and standard DVD. Since it’s release we’ve heard from many of you saying how much you’ve enjoyed the series so far, but we also received some reports that people were having great difficulty removing the digipack from the rigid case in the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray version. We’ve been a lot of investigating behind the scenes over the past few months and today we are officially announcing a replacement scheme for our Ltd Blu-ray Collector’s Edition of Your Lie In April Part 1.

In short; everyone who purchased Your Lie in April – Part 1 will be able to request the ‘fixed’ version of the set. Those who ordered directly from Anime Limited will automatically receive their replacement set through the post starting from the 8th May 2017; however those who purchased from other retailers (or at Comic Con events throughout the country) will have to e-mail Anime Limited directly to receive their replacement.

Details on how to request a replacement can be found below:

To apply for a replacement you need to do the following –

— Send as email with the subject “Your Lie in April Part 1 – REPLACEMENT REQUEST” to that includes the following four things:
1) A copy of the proof of purchase of the product. This can be an order confirmation or receipt.
2) Your full name (some people don’t include names in their emails; we need to know who you are so we can send it to you when ready)
3) Your full shipping address
4) A photo of your current copy of Your Lie In April Part 1 Blu-ray Collector’s Edition, ideally showing the original ‘blue’ info sheet.

Further information surrounding this replacement scheme can be found on the official Anime Limited blog.

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