EXAMU To Launch KickStarter Campaign for Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Six Stars on PC

EXAMU, the developers of sprite-based-fighting-game Arcana Heart 3 and Nitroplus Blazters: Heroines Infinite Duel, have announced that they will soon be beginning a kickstarter campaign to bring the ‘latest variation’ of Arana Heart 3, known as Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Six Stars, to the PC.

As one would expect this latest variation of Arcana Heart 3 is an upgraded version of the previous PS Vita and PC version known as Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!!! and will see new characters and an improved gameplay balance.

New Character: Minori Amanohara

After the establishment, Drexler Institute developed artificial Valkyries and Arcanas. She was one of the few products of the research who was born at the Japan Branch of the Institute. She is a “Hybride”, a special Valkyrie who can dually wield the powers of the Arcana and the Geist (armored spirits developed at the Institute). She escaped the facility with the help of Petra. “Doing good deeds in secrecy” is her motto, so she uses her ability to defeat evil without being seen. She actually comes from wealthy noble origins. The outgoing, superhero-like behavior outside is a stark contrast to her attitude at her house, under the watch of strict mother.

The dragonhead-like armor on her arms are the Geist of Fafnir and Schwarz.

She was frustrated by her inability to help Heart and other Saints fight for world peace. With her newly acquired powers, she stands up as the “Annihilation Angel Subaru” (self-proclaimed super hero name) and fights for the peace.

New Arcana: Ichor, the Arcana of Blood

Arcana of Blood symbolizing the essense of life. The motif of Möbius strip represents the reincarnation of all life. Enhances all the potentials the person has to its maximum strength.

Improved Character Balancing

As it stands the Kickstarter Campaign for this PC version of Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Six Stars has not yet started; but those interested can pre-register their interest, as well as learn more about this project, on the PreFundia Campaign website.

via: Gematsu

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