Fairy Tail – Part 12 DVD Delayed Due to Production Error

fairy_tail_part9_dvd_screenshot (2)

Today should see the release of Fairy Tail – Part 12, via FUNimation UK and Anime Limited; however a recent announcement on the Anime Limited blog reveals that this particular set – which contains episodes 132 to 142 – has been pushed back until an unspecified date in March due to a production error with the reversible artwork sleeve.

All releases of Fairy Tail, including those released previously by Manga Entertainment UK, feature two different styles of artwork with the inside artwork featuring different characters and episode information. Well apparently a production error, most likely an oversight by FUNimation UK & Anime Limited teams, means that some text which should have included was not and as such Anime Limited have had to recall the set from retailers and re-print the release.

we wanted to inform everyone that a printing error has been discovered on units that have been shipped to retailers on the release of Fairy Tail Part 12. As a result all stock that has presently not been sent to retailers has been quarantined and this will now be having its general retail release date shifted back to mid-March (exact date TBA) while we get this corrected.

Realistically people should not receive this ‘botched’ version of Fairy Tail – Part 12; however if fans do receive a copy then they can request a replacement sleeve from Anime Limited themselves:

What’s the printing error?

The error is do with the reversible cover sleeve design specifically. The reverse cover features an alternate sleeve design and usually there is text to accompany this, however this is not present on copies impacted by this.

How do I know if my copy will be impacted?

We are to understand all copies that have been sent to retailers at time of writing (including those sent from our own web shop fulfilment house) have been impacted by this. So if you receive / purchase one your copy will likely be impacted.

We are working to get remaining units of this impacted version out of circulation.

Can I get a replacement sleeve?

Of course! Everyone who receives any of these impacted copies is entitled to a replacement sleeve, no questions asked!

To get one all you need to do is the following –

  • Email jeremy@alltheanime.com with the subject “Fairy Tail Part 12 sleeve replacement” and in that email please include
    — a photo/scan of your proof or purchase.
    — And your full name and postal address, where we will send the replacement sleeve to.

Please note if you ordered from our AllTheAnime.com web shop you will be automatically added to the list of replacements; so you don’t need to worry about emailing us.

When will replacement sleeves be sent out?

As soon as the corrected stock has been manufactured – estimated to be completed in early-mid March – we will be working getting the new sleeves out to you ASAP. Please note we will email you to let you know when it’s been sent.

In the meantime Fairy Tail – Part 12 will not be available for purchase until the re-print of the set (with the correct artwork) has been completed and sent to retailers for general sale – which of course can take several weeks.

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