Corpse Party: Blood Drive Released onto iOS Devices

corpse-party-blood-drive-psvita-screenshot (1)

5pb and Mages have recently released the survival-horor themed visual novel game Corpse Party: Blood Drive, onto the iOS platform for £12.99 / $14.99 / 14.99 EUR with full english localisation.

Originally released onto the PS Vita by Marvelous, of which is also currently priced at £12.99 from Amazon UK, this iOS port is expected to feature the same gameplay content, visuals and localisation; albeit adapted for your iOS device with touch-screen controls.

For those unfamiliar Corpse Party: Blood Drive is the final chapter in the “Corpse Party Book of Shadows” timeline and sees a group of students transported to Heavenly Host Academy attempting to unravel the mysteries that occured their previously; of which death and deceit appears.


  • The Finale of the Heavenly Host series!
  • This game is made up from 2 modes, the ADV style conversation mode and the character manipulation style search mode!
  • In search mode, the only thing can be relied on in the darkness is your flashlight, which doubles the fear!
  • The difficulty is adjusted for your mobile device!
  • Quick save function which you can save the game any time! (Some scenes are not savable in the game.)
  • Faster scene-switching than the consumer version!
  • Volume of over 20-hour total play time!
  • Universal app that supports both iPhones and iPads!
  • Save data supports iCloud backup! You can share the same save data in your different devices!
  • Game Center support!
  • OP movies and Endings are based on PS Vita version.

Operation Methods:

You can comfortably play the game with intuitive touch panel operation!

  • Search mode
    • Flashlight panel: Flashlight switch
    • Battery consumption panel: Endless Battery Mode switch
    • Left virtual joystick: Character movement
    • Menu panel: Menu open
    • Character change panel: Character switching
    • Run panel: Character running while touched down
    • Right virtual joystick: Flashlight direction
    • Screen tap: Confirm / Investigation / Trap cancellation / Talk
  • Conversation mode
    • Screen tap: Confirm / Message skip / Skip mode cancellation
    • Swipe up: Message window hide / display
    • Swipe down: Open message log
    • Swipe left / right: Skip mode

Save Data:

  • Backup your save data to iCloud – Choose “Option” , “BACKUP” to backup your save data to iCloud. (Documents and Data is required to be ON in iCloud settings.)
  • Restore your save data from iCloud – Choose “Option” , “RESTORE” to restore your save data from iCloud. (Your save data on your device will be overwritten.)

The iOS version of Corpse Party: Blood Drive is available right now; alternatively the PS Vita version is also available within Europe, via Marvelous Games, and America, via XSEED Games.

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