Claymore & Evangelion 1.11 Collector’s Edition Sets Delayed Due to Production Issues


Following on from the news that Zeta Gundam – Part 1 had been delayed due to approval delays from the BBFC Anime Limited have now revealed that their Collector’s Edition Blu-ray releases of Claymore & Evangelion 1.11 have been pushed back due to issues with production.

Bizarrely enough however these ‘production issues’ have nothing to do with authoring or packaging of the content but instead have been caused due to finalised stock missing out on pieces of collectable content. Anime Limited were not ‘specific’ in the items missing from the finalised stock but they did express that both sets have been delayed so that the issue can be rectified; as explained in a recent post on the Anime Limited Blog:

The reason that Claymore and Evangelion 1.11 are slightly different; allow me to elaborate. Earlier today (9th January) we received finished samples of the stock for each title and upon inspection there were parts of each release missing. (Meaning, physical items that were meant to be included that weren’t.) We have been in contact with various parties to determine what’s happened and we have got the bottom of Claymore, but Evangelion is another story.

For starters; Claymore, which was due out on the 16th January 2017, has now been moved to a tentative release date of 30th January 2017 however it’s expected that ‘fixed’ stock will arrive before this date and may be dispatched earlier.

Claymore specifically will only be pushed by a a few weeks to 30th January. However, we want to note that it’s likely stock will be available to ship prior to this date. So it’s entirely possible that depending on the retailer you’ve ordered Claymore from they will start shipping it immediately once they have stock – this will be the case for everyone who has ordered it from our own web shop as well.

Evangelion 1.11 meanwhile will be released at some point during February with further details to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

When it comes Evangelion 1.11, this is a different circumstance entirely. Until we’ve determined exactly what led to there be missing items from the set, we have quarantined all stock and are delaying it’s release until late February, exact date TBC. I will note once again, that should all be sorted sooner than that then it’s very likely that units from retailers will start shipping early and the date itself could be brought forward as well.

It’s completely baffling how an issue such as this occurs, especially on two separate collector’s edition sets; but in any event Anime Limited’s track record of ‘delaying; releases continue into 2017 but hopefully things will get better in the future.

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  1. Hourin says:

    Say what’s going on with Rolling Girls – Collector’s Edition [Blu-ray] its unavailable on Amazon uk.

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