DVD Review: Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? – The Complete Collection


Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? provides a different type of experience that’s filled with laughs and a rather unique story; but what can one expect to receive from the DVD by MVM Entertainment? Well we take a look in our latest review.


When Kotaro Satomi discovers an apartment for the ridiculously low rent of 5000 yen a month, he knows there must be a catch. But it’s not until AFTER he’s moved in that he finds out that he’s not the only one laying claim to Room 106 at Corona House, starting with teenage girl ghost, Sanae, who’s currently haunting it!

Still not enough to break the lease? Let’s add in a Magical Girl, Yurika, who wants to take control of the room in order to block its powers from evildoers, a luscious Subterranean bombshell, Kiriha, who needs the room to launch an invasion of our world, and a fiery space princess, Theiamillis, who… well, you get the idea. Can a lone high school student on a limited budget withstand the combined forces of the supernatural, metaphysical, subterranean, and alien worlds? Especially when they’re all also incredibly adorable?

Our View:

Invaders of the Rokujyōma!?, otherwise known as Rokujōma no Shinryakusha!?, is one of those unexpected anime series that provides delight and enjoyment throughout; even though the actual storyline is relatively insane. Why exactly? Well the story sees Kotaro Satomi’s new apartment invaded by characters of different origins and speicies to which they all compete over the apartment itself – much to the annoyance of the new tennent – but beyond this we get a deeper look into each characters personalities and desires.It’s a completely random idea and yet it works; and yet this is only the tip of iceberg.


The underlining story might be the invasion of Kataro Satomi’s new apartment; but in actuallity it’s about the characters themselves as shortly after ‘invading’ their way into Kataro’s live – and the rules of conflict laid out by the landlord – each of the characters begin to warm up to Kataro and in turn have their own desires displayed for all to see. For instance; the first few episodes introduces us to these band of misfits and their unique abilities but from then on every 2-3 episodes puts its attention on a particular character.

Firstly we have the ghost girl, known as Sanae, who has stayed within the apartment since her death waiting for her parents. It’s a rather emotional tale but deep down she just wants to be treated like any other girl – especially by Kataro – and during her story arc we see Ghost Hunters kidnap sanae in order to use her abilities for their own benefit and in turn sees both Kataro and Sanae come closer together. After this ‘mini-arc’ we then witness Theiamillis Gre Fortorthe, a princess from the Fortorthe empire who has been sent to claim a piece of earth for herself, transfer into Kataro’s school and begin to produce a play regarding her childhood story the Blue Knight; of which we learn about why she came to earth and the emotions she has for Kataro while spending time on the planet.


Upon the conclusion of that story arc we move swiftly into the third story arc of the series which focuses on a magical girl from another dimension known as Yurika Nijino. A magical girl who arrived at Apartment 106 of corona house due to destructive magical ability being detected. Kiriha’s storyline within the anime is a much more ‘intense’ experience and sees another magical girl attacking our group of characters and Kiriha’s darkest secrets brought to life; but in addition we see Yurika make friends and become part of the crowd. Finally the last arc of the series focuses on Kiriha Kurano; a shrine maiden of the earth people whoose task is to reclaim the surface. Kiriha Kurano’s story potentially offers a more natural ‘love story’ – due to flashbacks with her younger self – but in actuality it’s a story which explores the turmoil of being sent on a secretive mission by the higher-ups.

You could say that Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? offers five different story-arcs within this twelve episode series and, as a result of this, the episodes breeze through in a rather fast-but-steady-pace. Of course while the topic of these individual characters is the centrepiece of the series an underlining story can be found and that’s Kataro’s (potential) crush on class-mate Harumi Sakuraba and their relationship. It’s not exactly a relationship that we see go anywhere (which in turn I find rather disappointing) but throughout the series we see these two characters engage with each other a lot more often and in some instances even sees the ‘invaders’ give support to Harumi in her engagement with Kataro. A love tale of sorts; but not exactly.


The positives of Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? is that it’s simplistic good fun with each episode offering something different; however the biggest disappointment is the ending as events covered within each arc are not entirely finished off and as such the series ends on a rather stale cliffhanger with no hope for a second season. Which is a shame really as everything else about the series was just pure enjoyment.


MVM Entertainment once again continues to provide us with high-quality anime DVD releases and the same can be said with this release of Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? Unfortunately however the bonus materials included are still relatively barebones.


Bizarrely all of the bonus features have been placed on the first DVD disc and what’s even more bizarre is that a trailer for Beyond the Boundary (which has been released by Animatsu Entertainment) appears before the main menu; so it’s obvious that MVM are using discs mastered by Sentai Filmworks.


In regards to bonus features then all we have is a selection of trailers, majority of which have been licsened and released by Animatsu Entertainment, as well as the usual inclusion of textless songs – so nothing new to report here unfortunately.


Media:  DVD 9 x2
Region: 2
Running Time: 2:22:06 (Disc 1 & Disc 2)
Video: MPEG-2
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 224kbps (Japanese)
Subtitles: English (Yellow) – LOCKED
Resolution: 720 x 480 (480p)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Frame Rate: 25 fps


Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? provides an entertaining experience that I will remember for some time and it offers a different type of anime experience – one could say it is a giant paraody. The events of the series follow Kotaro Satomi as he attempts to keep his apartment from being overtaken from various misfits from across the universe but in doing so develops a relationship with them and begins to explore their desires and potentially understand their feelings – all the while trying to live a normal life.


On the out-side it may just seem like harem, with each girl showing their interest for Kataro, and while in some instances this might be the case or it’s actually more about learning the characters and how they interact within the new environment. Generally its five different story arcs molded into a single series and while a definitive conclusion isn’t brought about it provides a lot of fun along the way.From my perspective the series never misses a beat and manages to maintain your interest throughout (it won’t be long before you find yourself with a favourite character).

In regards to this DVD release by MVM Entertainment then it is a rather bizarre scenario. For starters we have trailer before the DVD menu, a trait found in Sentai and FUNimation authored products, and that all of the bonus features are on the first disc rather then spread across the two. Fortunately this does not effect the overall visual quality of the product, which remains consistent through the two discs, and thanks to NTSC format we receive the original and not a PAL master. Another bizarre aspect is that the subtitles seem to be LOCKED and as such can not be turned off; a feature which is usually locked to Blu-rays rather than DVDs.


Overall MVM Entertainment’s release of  Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? is a highly entertaining product that should be enjoyed by all. If you are looking for a short bit of fun with ever-expanding-storyline that focuses on the characters then this series should be given a watch.

Score: review-stars-4

Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? – The Complete Collection will be available on DVD and Blu-ray from the 9th January 2017.

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