Death Note Comparison – Which is Superior? The DVD or Blu-ray?


Manga Entertainment UK will soon be releasing the iconic murder-mystery-thriller anime Death Note onto Blu-ray; but what can one expect from the overall quality and will it be better than the already released, and much cheaper, DVD variation?

Well today we will hope to illustrate the difference in our comparison article but in reality it’s best off owning both DVD and Blu-ray versions of the series due to the lack of bonus materials included with the Blu-ray release; but I’ll go into more detail about that further below – to start with let’s compare the screenshots from the UK Blu-ray and UK DVD release of the series. The screenshots have been taken from the 6th and 7th Episode of the series.

Comparison One:





Comparison Two:





Comparison Three:





Comparison Four:





Comparison Five:





Overall the difference may be hard to see; however upon closer inspection you’ll notice that image of the Blu-rays are much sharper and clearer than that of the DVD’s (which is one of the main benefits of High Definition). Other notable differences is that colours in some scenes (like those in the first comparison) actually reflect the original colour; such as Green looking green (as opposed to a washed out green) and Blacks looking black (as opposed to a blue colour). Sure enough small amounts of grain can be seen in certain scenes; but this is unavoidable due to the age of the series and, in some aspects at least, can add to the overall experience – as Death Note was a relatively grainy show at times.

The biggest differene however can be seen in motion; when watching the DVD’s, which have been encoded in PAL format, can result in motion blur and jagged lines being seen where as the Blu-ray features non of this due to be encoded in it’s original format. In short the Blu-rays deliver the best visual (and audio) experience when compared to the previous PAL DVD release of the series; however the disapointing aspect comes in the form of bonus materials.

The DVD featured an extensive amount of bonus material, such as Cast Interviews, Production Sketches, Trailers, Recording Sessions, Character Design Interviews, Audio Commentaries and Trailers; all of which is non existed on this Blu-ray release. Instead we are treated to the two OVA films – which re tell the events of the anime series with newly drawn animation. It’s a disappointing trade-off, especially when you consider that the American Blu-ray release retains all of these features, but you could say it is a small price to pay to receive Death Note on Blu-ray.

From my perspective the Death Note Blu-ray provides the best experience you can receive from the series; but you’d need to own the series on both DVD and Blu-ray to get the best of both worlds. Death Note – The Complete Series + OVA Collection will be available on Blu-ray from the 19th December 2016.

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5 Responses to Death Note Comparison – Which is Superior? The DVD or Blu-ray?

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  2. mangatoon says:

    hello, in my copy bluray of death note, I can see a lot of grain in all scenes, it is normal ?

    • Scott Emsen says:

      Yes. Older titles remastered in High Definition will display grain when compared to newer titles; but Death Note was a series that intentionally had grain-filled-scenes to give it a darker atmosphere.

      • mangatoon says:

        I understand, thank you !! I believed that the french editor did bad work …. But your reply removed my doubts.

  3. mangatoon says:

    it’s me again, I saw again the opening and can you confirm that this is intentional grain and not a problem of compression:

    thank you in advance

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