Anime Limited Announces Replacement Scheme for Escaflowne Ultimate Edition Blu-ray


Anime Limited’s Ultimate Edition Blu-ray release of Escaflowne hasn’t even been officially released yet (it’s due for release on the 14th November 2016) and the UK Anime Distributor have already announced a replacement scheme for an issue discovered on the second Blu-ray disc of the set; specifically Episode 9 of the anime TV Series.

It turns out that the subtitles have been encoded incorrectly on this particular episode and as such as opposed to displaying in their usual manner, which is of course in the middle towards the bottem of the screen, they actually appear in the top left hand corner. The reason for this ‘bizarre’ occurence is due to subtitles being encoded for Standard Definition (480p/576i) resolution as opposed to the High Definition (1080p) resolution that the episodes are displayed at; as Jeremy explains in a recent post on the Anime Limited website.


As mentioned there is a single episode (Episode 9) where subtitles have been rendered in the wrong resolution on the final build by mistake.

You can see the issue here (if you watch your anime subtitled like we do, it’s hard to miss on the final product):


Occasionally, when a check disc goes to final authoring upload things go awry and in this case one episode’s subtitles were rendered in SD instead of HD – which explains the positioning.

A full Quality Control (QC) check was run on the discs from authoring and as you can guess – nothing came up during that process.  Here’s a shot of the final check disc from the authoring house – as you can see, it’s rather different:

We can assure you, we are as frustrated if not more-so than you are by this as we did a full QC check and it was not on the QC discs.  Given tight turnarounds at this time* of year a manual check of each final disc from replication before print is not always possible (nor is it usually necessary as the final compile shouldn’t differ to the final QC’d disc).

On top of frustration about it – please accept all of our deepest apologies for anyone who’s viewing experience is impacted while we get this sorted out.

As a result of this unfortunate error Anime Limited will be offering a replacement scheme and as such those who purchased the item from London MCM Comic Con, or have received theirs early through numerous suppliers – such as Anime Limited’s own online shop. Bizarrely enough the replacement scheme will not take place until February next year when the standard edition of the series is being produced; but those who want to get in on the list can contact Anime Limited directly with proof of purchase; as explained below:


Include the following in your email:

  • Proof of purchase: A receipt or order confirmation (a screenshot if ordered online).
  • Photo of the disc in question: We won’t ask you to ship it back, but we do ask for a picture of it.
  • Address you’ll need the disc sent to: If that changes before we send the disc out don’t worry – we’ll send out an email nearer the time before the first wave of discs go out.

It’s currently unclear if Anime Limited plan to re-print the Ultimate Edition next year with ‘fixed’ discs but for those who have purchased, received or plan to purchase the set will have to contact Anime Limited to receive a fixed set of discs in the new year. Further information can be found on the official Anime Limited blog.

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