Miss Hokusai Collector’s Edition Upgraded to UItimate Edition

Miss Hokusai

After what seems like an eternity Anime Limited have recently announced, as part of their newswire posts, that the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray and DVD release of Miss Hokusai has now been upgraded to an Ultimate Edition release; and unlike past Ultimate Edition releases it is getting some extra special treatment.

For starters unlike Terror in Resonance, Patema Inverted or Gurren Lagann the film will be packaged inside of a wooden box, with the traditional O-Card wrapped around it, with the Blu-ray and DVD discs presented in a digipack styled packaging; as illustrated in the packshot below.


This Ultimate Edition will also feature 5 Art-Cards, each of which feature artwork from the film, as well as an 80-page artbook featuring all sorts of artwork and unique information about the film. In terms of ‘on-disc’ content then fans will find an interview with the director and a behind the scenes featurette as well as a trailer for the film.

Exact content included in this Ultimate Edition of Miss Hokusai are listed below, as explained by Anime Limited:

  • Comes packed in a wooden box with a slipcover (aka o-card) around it.
  • Inside the box you will find a digipack to hold the three discs (DVD Movie Disc, Blu-ray Movie Disc and a bonus DVD disc of extras.)
  • On the discs themselves you will find:
    • DVD and Blu-ray Movie discs: the film ‘Miss Hokusai’ in Japanese with English subtitles. (It’s literally just the movie on these discs)
    • Bonus DVD has
      • Making of Miss Hokusai featurette that’s just nearly two hours in length!
      • An exclusive interview with Director, Keiichi Hara
      • The trailer for the film.
  • 5 Art cards
  • An 80 page art book that delves into the history surrounding Miss Hokusai and world of the Edo period of Japan. This has been curated in coordination with Production I.G, who put a lot of time and effort into having as much historical fact and points of interest as possible. It makes for very interesting reading and provides lots of useful context about this time in Japanese history depicted in the film that chances are most people may not be familiar with.

This Ultimate Edition of Miss Hokusai is currently scheduled for release on the 14th November 2016 and pre-orders are expected to appear online shortly.

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