Blu-ray Review: Trinity Seven – The Complete Collection


We take a glimpse into the sin-ful life of Arata Kasuga to see what Manga Entertainment’s Blu-ray (and DVD) release of Trinity Seven has to offer and we find that it’s not entirely what we assumed it would be; but still great fun none the less!


Things have been looking sunny for Arata Kasuga lately. Unfortunately it’s been the wrong sun in the sky, and the mysterious Breakdown Phenomenon that accompanied it destroyed his town and stole his beloved cousin Hiijiri, leaving Arata in a fantasy world of his own creation! There’s still a chance to save her, however, as the appearance of the Black Sun also revealed Arata’s potential abilities as a mage, placing him in the powerful Demon Lord class.

But first, since Arata and his newfound magical talents are far too dangerous to leave to their own devices, he’s immediately whisked off to the Royal Biblia Academy. That’s where he’ll meet seven beautiful female mages whose powers are intrinsically tied to the same sins that Arata has to master to put his world back together. Of course, the tricky part is that they have their own plans for him as well! The lessons in sin are about to begin as Arata takes on the Trinity Seven!

Our View:

Before you even put the disc(s) into your player you’ll already have a fair idea that Trinity Seven isn’t going to be your typical anime series, as illustrated by our video that takes a closer look at the disc artwork and menu presentation. This impression is then solidified when watching the first episode as within a matter of seconds our main protagonist, Arata Kasuga, has already managed to grab some boob. As you can imagine the tone of this series is set-out right from the start and as such you’ll find yourself watching a relatively pointless story overshadowed by plenty of unnecessary, but rather amusing, fan-service. Does this mean that I did not enjoy Trinity Seven? Far from it… as despite its obvious quirks the personalities of each character and their development more than make up for the lack of an entertaining progressive narrative.


Trinity Seven follows the events of Arata Kusaga; a seemingly average high-schooler who finds his world turned upside down when the world he thought he was living in turns out to be a delusion created by his cousins Grimoire. Upon escaping from this fake reality, with help from Royal Biblia Academy student and Trinity Seven member Lilith Asami , Arata remembers  that his cousin Hijiri was whisked away to another world and decides to become a mage at the Academy in order to better hone his magical abilities and rescue his cousin from the unknown. This, rather puzzling, first episode would lead you to believe that Arata would attend the Royal Biblia Academy student in a manner befitting a regular school anime (such as Blue Exorcist or The Irregular at Magic High School) in attempt to better himself to rescue his cousin; but in fact it’s nothing more than a series of escapades with different female characters at the school. Bizarre but disappointingly true.

It’s soon revealed that Arata Kusaga isn’t your typical mage and that he is actually a Demon Lord Candiate, which is someone that can bring the world to destruction; and with advice from the academies headmaster Arata is tasked with become familiar with the schools Trinity Seven and train with them. It turns out that each member of Trinity Seven is actually a girl and throughout the next bunch of episodes viewers are introduced to each character through a selection of ‘personalised’ introductions… some of which are more interesting than others. Character development is a big part of Trinity Seven and each member is introduced in a different manner.


For instance Lilith is the mature bashful type – and easily becomes flustered with Arata’s blunt nature while Arin, who resembles Hijiri for no apparent reason, is unfazed by anything and opts to become Arata’s bride.  Other characters include the hyperactive researcher, and potential school journalist, Selina as well as the comical energetic ninja Levi and finally we have the respectable duo known as Akio and Yui. These six characters, and a mysterious seventh character which is introduced later as part of the storyline, act as the Trinity Seven and while it’s their job of assisting Arata with his magic training it’s their own personalities that bring the best out of this series.

As usual I’m not going to spoil the details; but watching Arata engage with Levi, Selina, Arin and Lilith in ‘perverse’ ways is kind of comical and when Arata’s Grimoire Sora takes on a physical appearance it adds further confusion and chaos for those involved. You could say it’s basically a harem, with all the girls wanting the guy; but from my eyes the girls don’t have any real interest with Arata they just like to tease those around them – which is of course just the start of the fan-service. The more dominate fan-service appears with the constant clothes ripping; which is one of Arata’s early magic wielding abilities, and as such as the series progresses – and more members of Trinity Seven members become sympathetic to his course – his abilities get stronger until the penultimate final fight which sees him reunited with his sister; but not in the way you imagine.


From my eyes Trinity Seven is a series which sees a perverse guy get the attention of girls from unconventional means due to his questionable magical ability; the underlining story here however is that Arata is out to save his cousin from danger but in order to do that he must become stronger by training with the Trinity Seven at the academy… it’s just not the type of training you would expect. It’s entertaining and fun to watch; but not for the fan-service and nor for the story – it’s fun to watch just for the characters with everything else being an added bonus.


Once again Manga Entertainment UK using disc masters created by the American Distributor Sentai Filmworks and as a result viewers are treated to a selection of trailers from other ‘Sentai Released shows’ as well as the opening and closing credits to Trinity Seven. It’s not an extensive selection of trailers; but it’s better than nothing.


All of the bonus features are found on the second disc and as Trinity Seven features numerous different ending songs you will find them all listed under ‘Creditless Closing Animation’ while the single opening song will be as listed.


When it comes to trailers then we have four trailers for different Sentai Filmwork licensed shows with only one currently being released by Animatsu Entertainment (Blade Dance of the Elementalers) and another released by MVM Entertainment (Log Horizon – Season 2)  while the remaining two have yet to be released or licensed by any UK distributor.


Media:  BD 50 x1, BD 25 x1
Region: A & B
Running Time:  3:44:33 (Disc 1), 1:14:36 (Disc 2)
Video: MPEG-4 AVC
Audio: DTS-HD 2.0 (English & Japanese)
Subtitles: English (Yellow)
Resolution: 1920×1080 (1080p)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Frame Rate: 23.976 fps


Trinity Seven for me started off by being disappointing, with its overly obscure way to introduce viewers to its magical world; but by the second episode I started to enjoy what this series is actually about. The characters within Trinity Seven. The story may be about Arata becoming a powerful mage in order to retrieve his cousin from a mysterious place but the events that lead him down this path prove to be comical and entertaining to watch; even if the ending isn’t exactly what you hoped it to be (extremely disappointing as it doesn’t end) but like I mentioned before it’s about the journey of these characters rather than the story itself.


The interaction Arata has with members of Trinity Seven and the respect, or lack of, these characters have for Arata shine through and when trouble starts to appear, such as the arrival of Evil Mages, then they all work together to overcome the odds and become a stronger force. There’s a lot to talk about within Trinity Seven, mostly relating the individual character personalities and the magic they wield, but at the same time there isn’t much to discuss; as saying anymore would just spoil the surprise of whats in-store. In hindsight what you can expect is plenty of fan-service, a fair amount of sexual innuendo and a deceitful storyline that doesn’t have an end but above all else a great selection of characters that you’ll find hard picked to choose a favourite. It’s not just excess character development, or clothes-shredding fan-service, as this is a magic school and as such you’ll find plenty of magical action taking place between mages; some of which prove to be interesting duels.

When it comes to this Blu-ray release, which interestingly enough will be released as a Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack, then once again Manga Entertainment UK have worked nicely with Sentai Filmworks to provide a flawless release, both in audio and visual presentation, with my only complaint being the chosen artwork for the discs and main menu (it’s not entirely discrete). Trinity Seven features both an English Dub and Japanese audio with English subtitles (which are locked to the Japanese audio track) and despite my complaints with Sentai Filmwork dubs I actually enjoyed what this one offered. Of course, with the amount of fan-service and sexual complaints flying around, the Japanese subtitled track offered a more discrete viewing experience but it was kind of fun hearing the English Actors take on it – which in some instances was slightly different to the Japanese audio track.


I wasn’t sure what to expect with Trinity Seven and after watching this entire series collection my thoughts are still jumbled. Why exactly? Well the story doesn’t go anywhere after the first episode and it’s not until four episodes to the end that events start to move forward to which it ends on a rather unclimatic, unemotional and slightly disappointing note. The events that transpire in between this ‘no story episodes’ are used to introduce the characters to Arata, their personalities and their potential feelings – to which I thoroughly enjoyed watching alongside the magic battles and the odd ‘accidentally’ striptease. Disappointing in one aspect and funny in another; but as a release then it’s another solid experience from Manga Entertainment UK.

Score: review-stars-4

Trinity Seven – The Complete Collection is now available on Blu-ray and DVD within the UK.

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