Unboxing: Love Live! School Idol Project – Season 1 & Season 2 (Limited Edition Blu-ray) [UK]


Although Love Live: Sunshine! is the current ‘talking point’ within the Love Live Phenomenon it was actually the original anime series, simply known as Love Live! School Idol Project, that sparked the interest of many western fans – including myself – and today I’ll be taking a closer look at MVM Entertainment’s Limited Edition Blu-ray releases of both Season 1 and Season 2 in our latest unboxing article!

The UK release of Love Live! School Idol Project has been a comical-one; to start with Season 1 was initally released on DVD as an English Subtitle only release while the Blu-ray Edition, which came with the newly produced English Dub, followed a year later. Shortly afterwhich Season 2 was released on both DVD and Blu-ray as a dual-language release.


Interestingly enough thats not all; each variation of Love Live! within the UK has been released as a Limited Edition bundle (including the English-subtitled DVD only edition); however unlike the Limited Editions of Anime Limited or Animatsu Entertainment which featured chipboard packaging and digipack design, these sets are packaged in thin carded sleeves with standard DVD sized amaray cases; but on the positive side they do come with artbooks that – in my eyes at least – make some of Anime Limited’s Artbooks look simplistic as well as a selection of glorious artwork; as you shall soon see in our videos.

Love Live! School Idol Project – Season 1:


The first season of Love Live! comes packaged in a DVD-Sized amaray case thats presented in a carded sleeve alongside an artbook. Every aspect of this ‘Limited Edition’ feels simplistic and basic; especially the Arial styled text on the packaging and discs that act as labels. Personally my favourite aspects of this (and Season 2) release is the wounderful artwork on the carded sleeve, artbook and amaray sleeve; while everything else screams ameatur.


In regards to the disc content we have all thirteen episodes of the series, presented in both English and Japanese audio, across two Blu-ray discs; the first of which having nine episodes while the remainder (and the relatively basic arrange of bonus features) on the second Blu-ray disc. The disc artwork isn’t entirely what I had expected, with it’s bubble effects and Love Live! logo, but it manages to do the job relatively well – after all it’s the content on the disc we are watching and not the disc artwork.

Love Live! School Idol Project – Season 2:


The second season of Love Live follows a similar pattern laid out from the previous season; and as such we have the series presented in a DVD-sized amaray case that comes packaged inside a card sleeve alongaside a collectable artbook. The entire sleeve is pretty much exactly the same as the previous season with the only difference being the ‘artwork’ on the front of the box and the screenshots on the back; which is good in a continuity aspect but slightly disappointing. The same can be said about the Artbook; as it has been designed in a way that perfectly replicates the previous Season 1 release albeit with new information, artwork and episode breakdowns.


As you would expect this Season 2 release features all thirteen episodes of the anime series presented in English and Japanese audio across two Blu-ray Discs; however while this is good news the fact that ten episodes are squished onto a single Blu-ray disc, with the remaining three episodes placed onto the second disc, leaves questions wanting answers. The universal standard for Blu-ray releases is nine episodes at most (with the exception being KAZE & Sentai Filmworks) so seeing ten episodes on a single disc is just puzzling; especially when it’s dual-audio.

Overall both seasons of Love Live! School Idol Project look great on the outer packaging, and on the inside with the extensive amount of information and artwork in the artbook; but when it comes to the disc presentation and content then some improvement could be had. It’s worth nothing that MVM Entertainment are using the production assets handed down to them from audio distributors, such as NIS America and Madman Entertainment; and as a result these UK releases of Love Live! will fit perfectly within the recently released artbox for Love Live Movie which came with the Blu-ray in Australia – something which we will illustrate in a future unboxing.

Love Live! School Idol Project is now available on both DVD and Blu-ray within the UK.

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