FUNimation UK Release of No-Rin To Receive PAL DVD Masters

In a recent newswire posted up on the Anime Limited website it has been revealed that FUNimation UK’s upcoming Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack release of No-Rin – The Complete Series will be delayed once again so that PAL Masters for the DVD discs can be created specifically for the UK market.

It was assumed that No-Rin would feature the same NTSC DVD Discs as it’s american counterpart; however as Jeremy explains the DVD Discs will now have to be authored to PAL standards as requested by the original Japanese licensor.

There is an update on No-Rin we need to bring you, and an unexpected one at that. Unfortunately this had had to be pushed back once again after we were informed new disc masters were needing to be created for our release, at the request of the licensor.

We also want to make it known that this process involves a PAL master for the DVD discs being required. So this will now include PAL formatted DVDs, again at the request of the licensor. This has now resulted in more time being needed to get this sorted.

Usually the process of re-authoring discs to PAL standards would not effect the Blu-ray release, as Blu-ray’s do not have a NTSC or PAL variations; however because No-Rin is being released as a combo pack – which seems both formats in one package – it means that the entire release has been delayed until further notice; as Jeremy continues to explain.

At the moment we’re unable to confirm a new date for this, but at this stage we anticipate it won’t be available until November at the earliest. We will keep you posted on this and very sorry for this late unexpected development.

So what exactly does this mean for us? Well it means we won’t be getting No-Rin within the UK any time soon but more importantly those who wanted to watch the DVD version of the series will be left with a PAL conversation which, as tech-junkies will know, isn’t as smooth as NTSC.  It’s currently unclear why FUNimation UK / Anime Limited were forced to reauthor the disc masters to PAL standards; but its a request that they must agree to in order to release the product within the UK.

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One Response to FUNimation UK Release of No-Rin To Receive PAL DVD Masters

  1. Can’t watch it all now, but you can watch the first two episodes both subbed and dubbed on Funimation Now.

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