Osamu Tezuka’s Metropolis To Be Released on Blu-ray by Eureka Entertainment


File this under late; but last week small-indepedent home video distributor Eureka Entertainment announced on social media that they will releasing Osamu Tezuka’s feature-length-animted-film Metropolis as a Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack later this year.

Eureka Entertainment have not provided any specific details on what to expect from the release but we can only assume that it will presented in full High Definition (for the Blu-ray) and contain the original Japanese Audio (with English Subtitles) as well as the English Dub. One would also suspect that any bonus features that were present on the original DVD release, which was published by Sony Pictures UK in 2002, would be retained for this newer Combo Pack release by Eureka Entertainment.

For those unfamiliar with Osamu Tezuka’s Metropolis then you can check out the synopsis below:

Synopsis: Anime retelling of Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’. Ruled by the despotic Duke Red, ultra-futuristic city Metropolis is a playground for its rich citizens, but is serviced and kept going by an underclass of Robots toiling below ground. The Duke who lost his biological daughter is consumed by the desire to create a robot version of her, much to the chagrin of his adopted son, the belligerent loner Rock. Arriving in the poorer side of the city are Kenichi and his uncle, who are in search of missing scientist Dr. Laughton. But Dr Laughton is the genius behind Duke Red’s robot-building centre and also mastermind of the part-human, part-robot replacement daughter the Duke has requested, known as Tima. Ever more jealous of his father’s interest in the Tima project, Rock attempts to kill the Doctor and Tima just as Kenichi and his uncle arrive. However, Kenichi and his uncle rescue Tima and Rock pursues them through the robot underworld. Tima then starts to learn what it’s like to be a girl and promptly falls in love with Kenichi. But it soon transpires that she has a special place in the Duke’s plans and things go from bad to worse as the Duke plugs her into the robot grid, elevating her to serene leader of all Metropolis with disastrous results…

Eureka Entertainment will unveil more details about this Combo Pack Edition of Metropolis in due time; but for the time being at least we know that the film will receive a UK Blu-ray release.

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