Japan Foundation Announce Summer Explorers 2 Anime Screenings

Tamako Love Story screenshot

If you fancy doing something different at the end of this month and live near london then you may wish to take part in The Japan Foundation’s ‘Summer Explorers 2’ event which sees a variety of anime films shown throughout a single day at the t BAFTA in Piccadilly Rich Mix in Shoreditch.

The first part of the event, which takes place at the BAFTA in Piccadilly on the 30th July 2016, will see three anime films shown back-to-back with some films being introduced by special guests, such as Helen McCarthy, as listed below:

Summer Explorers! 2 – Part One (30 July 2016, BAFTA)

Hanakappa: Adventure in the Butterfly Kingdom (Kazumi Nonaka, 2013, 60min) – 11:00am

Hanakappa discovers that his and his friends’ mothers have all been kidnapped and sets off on a journey to the “Butterfly Kingdom” to rescue them in a fun story of courage, friendship and the bonds between parents and their children.

Princess Arete (Sunao Katabuchi, 2001, 105min) – 12:30pm

Kept in a castle by her father, Princess Arete spends her days watching the world go by when one day a wizard offers to marry her and take her away, but will Princess Arete finally be free or will she just be imprisoned by another keeper?

Introduced by Helen McCarthy

Tamako Love Story (Naoko Yamada, 2014, 83min) – 3:00pm

A light-hearted depiction of the ordinary but fun life of Tamako, the daughter of a mochi (Japanese rice cake) shop owner, and her blossoming romance with a childhood friend, Mochizo.

The Summer Explorer’s event will then continue on the 6th August 2016 at the Rich Mix in Shoreditch with two additional films being shown; details of which can be seen below:

Summer Explorers! 2 – Part Two (6 August 2016, Rich Mix)

After School Midnighters (Hitoshi Takekiyo, 2012, 95min) – 12:45pm

Kunstlijk, an anatomical model that stands in a school’s science room and who comes to life at night, plots a plan for revenge after three naughty students decide to vandalise and dress him up in silly clothes.

Mind Game (Masaaki Yuasa, 2004, 103min) – 2:40pm

A typical love story it may seem, but things take a strange turn when wannabe cartoonist Nishi, who is given a second chance at life, is reunited with his high school crush, Myon.

Further information on both events, as well as to pre-book tickets, can be found on the official Japan Foundation website.

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