Ghostlight Games to Bring Mugen Souls Z to the PC Later this Year


Ghostlight Games, the European publisher for various games such as Elminage Original and Flame Over, have today announced that they will be releasing the free-roaming JPRG Mugen Souls Z onto the PC later this year.

Mugen Souls Z, which acts a sequel to the previously released PC and PS3 game Mugen Souls, sees players take control of Chou-Chou and her newly recruited friends as they try to stop an ancient threat from destorying the world; all of which is played out in JPRG fashion with colourful animation and quirky characters, or so the synopsis suggests.

Twelve worlds corresponding to the signs of the zodiac were created long ago by the ultimate gods and now a certain “something” capable of destroying each of the worlds is preparing to awaken from a long sleep.

Chou-Chou and the gang return in this brand-new S-RPG sequel with a new story and even cuter, super-powerful, godly action and adventure! But this time, after her curiosity gets the better of her, Lady Chou-Chou must rely on the abilities of an all-new ultimate goddess, Syrma, as she tries to stop this ancient threat to her world that has recently awakened.

‘Chouchers’ must teach this newbie how to become all-powerful, before dealing with a colourful new cast of frenemies, as well as a host of favourites from the first game in the series.

Can Syrma work together with Chou-Chou and her motley crew of peons and shampurus to save the twelve worlds from the unknown and ancient “something” that threatens to consume everything in the universe? Join them for 9,999 levels of power levelling, brutal battles and awesome antics to find out!

As one would expect this Steam release of Mugen Souls Z will include full controller (as well as keyboard and mouse) support, steam achievements and graphicaal enhancements compared to it’s inital PS3 release several years ago. Of course that’s not all that Mugen Souls Z will offer; as illustrated in the key features below.

Key Features:

  • Tactical 3D battles featuring turn-based combat, dozens of unique skills and game-changing crystals
  • Explore expansive worlds, defeat dangerous enemies and expand your party using your unstoppable charm and superior skills!
  • Charm your enemies into doing your bidding! Transform monsters into ‘Shampurus’ to power up your spacefaring G-Castle!
  • Create your own ‘Peons’, boost their skills and fuse your creations to create the ultimate party
  • The Mugen Field returns! Featuring stacks of challenges and near-infinite levelling possibilities!

As mentioned Ghostlight Games will be handling this PC (Steam) release of the game and while a release date has not been set just yet it is expected to arrive later this year.

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