MVM Entertainment To Release Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun as Collectors Edition Blu-ray

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun screenshot

Well this announcement certainly came out of nowhere; as UK Distributor MVM Entertainment have today announced that they will be releasing Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun as a Collectors Edition Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack later this year; with pre-orders currently being accepted on the anime-on-line website.

This release, which is currently scheduled for a 27th June 2016 release, will be released in a similar fashion to MVM Entertainment’s previously release of No Game No Life which saw the series come in a chipboard artbox with both DVD and Blu-ray variations included alongside some special artcards and soundtrack CDs. This  UK Collectors Edition of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun won’t come with any soundtrack CD’s but MVM do plan to release it as a Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack in an artbox style.

Details on this UK release are still sketchy; but the distributor animes to release it in June; as announced on Twitter earlier today.


What Exactly is Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun all about? Well take a look at the synopsis:

You know how the story goes: girl crushes on guy, girl confesses feelings to guy, guy mistakes confession for a job application.

Okay, maybe that’s not how it usually goes, but that’s what happens when Chiyo Sakura finally gets up the nerve to tell her classroom crush Nozaki how she feels. Since she doesn’t know that he’s secretly a manga artist who publishes under a female pen name, and he doesn’t know that she doesn’t know, he misunderstands and offers her a chance to work as his assistant instead of a date!

But while it’s not flowers and dancing, it is a chance to get closer to him, so Chiyo gamely accepts. And when Nozaki realizes how useful Chiyo can be in figuring out what girls find romantic, he’ll be spending even more time with her “researching” while remaining completely clueless. Could Chiyo’s romantic frustration possibly get any more drawn out of proportion? The answer will be profusely illustrated in Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun!

As always MVM Entertainment will provide more details on this release closer to the release date; but it is nice to see MVM Entertainment supporting the anime community with a steady stream of Blu-ray’s, so hopefully this trend will continue.

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