DVD Review: Oreimo – Season 2

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The first season of Oreimo offered a ‘unique’ topic and plenty of heart-warming-surprises so with this being said what did MVM Entertainment’s second outing of the franchise have to offer? Quite a lot actually and it’s just as much fun as the first season. Find out more in our DVD review of Oreimo – Season 2.


Kyousuke brings Kirino home from America where she attended a special track and field camp. Surrounded by her friends, Kirino gradually gets her life back to normal.

In stark contrast to her friends is Kyousuke, who is unhappy with Kirino’s attitude towards him. She has been ignoring him since she came home, as if their relationship had gone back to how it had been a year earlier. But then Kirino does something for Kyousuke…

Our View:

It’s not often that a second season of an anime series tends to be just as good, if not better, than its original and yet this is how we find ourselves with the Oreimo. If the first season of Oreimo was about exploring the Otaku Culture and protecting a sisters secret then this second season no doubt explores the relationships and friendships it created in the process. The constant badgering of eroge games and anime are swapped-out for heart-felt-emotional stories that are sure to bring a tear to your eye; but when all is said and done a heartfelt conclusion to highly entertaining franchise is brought about.

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So how does it all begin? Well following on from the events of the ONA episodes from Season 1 we find that Kyousuke and Kirino are once again living under the same roof; but ironically enough things aren’t normal. Kirino’s attitude towards Kyousuke has changed for the worse and as such he fears that bringing her back home from America was a bad idea; it’s a smalls situation that is quickly over-turned and as such leads the way to more interesting and topical adventures. For starters Kirino’s rival from Track & Field training arrives in Japan and demands a re-match, which leads to an amusing situation in itself, and secondly when Kirino, Kyousuke and Kuroneko visit Soari’s apartment her ‘well-hidden-lifestyle-secret’ is revealed with an emotional backstory to go with it.

Interestingly enough these topics of discussion are just the tip of the iceberg; as shortly enough it moves to relationship status. It’s an emotionally challenging state, and one that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat and its one that all starts with Kirino teasing that she has a boyfriend. It’s a situation which Kyousuke instantly jealous and this mysterious boyfriend makes an appearance at Summer Comiket it spells trouble for everyone involved (or so you may think). Elsewhere however Kuroneko reveals her true feelings to Kyousuke and they eventually become a couple, which also leads to an emotional roller-coaster for everyone involved. Amusingly however there is more going off on the scenes that you may not notice and when Kyousuke gets kicked out of the house things go from bad to worse… or so it seems at least.

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As you can tell i am being as vague as i can possibly can be without giving too much away; mostly because the fun is had by watching the series and exploring what it has to offer but partly because you should watch the events unfold rather than read about it. Like i said at the start; this series explores the personalities and opinions of characters themselves rather than the hobby they enjoy; and it is interesting to note that while eroge games and anime do not play a big part in this series it is still very much an engaging show. Well played!


Those hoping to receive an extensive amount of bonus content on their DVD release of Oreimo will no doubt be pleased to hear that this release is filled to the brim with supplementary content; so much so that it explodes across all three DVD discs.


Starting on the first disc we have three chibi episodes, each of which explore different aspects of Kyousukes friendships. For instance one episode sees him and class-mate Akagi go shopping in akihabra (something which is partially seen in the opening animation); whereas the Game Club report is a documentation of the Game Clubs activities since Kyousuke and Kuroneko joined the group. All three stories are done in chibi form and offer some quick-laughs; but alongside these are inclusions of textless songs and preview animations for the show itself.


The second disc continues this trend of bonus content with another two specials, namely “I Can’t Ask Mikagami for Counselling” and “Charge Otome Road”, each of which add another spin to the whole storyline as well as another selection of textless songs and previous that are related to the episodes contained on this disc.


The third DVD disc rounds-off the collection of bonus content with another bonus special episode and another selection of textless songs and previews. Of course no MVM Entertainment release would be complete without some trailers; and as you’d expect we have trailers for Sankarea, Kamisama Dolls and Outbreak Company – all of which are available by MVM on DVD.


Media: DVD 9 x3
Region: 2
Running Time: 1:57:52 (Disc 1), 2:21:24 (Disc 2), 1:57:41 (Disc 3)
Video: MPEG-2
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 224kbps (Japanese)
Subtitles: English (Yellow)
Resolution: 720 x 576 (576i)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Frame Rate: 25 fps


To some the second season of Oreimo is down-sizing the events that made the first season so enjoyable; namely it’s lovable banter between characters and it’s obsession with the otaku culture and while that may be the case we are offered something else. An emotional story between multiple characters that is about discovering their selves and their true emotions for one another; whether that be a friend or sibling.

oreimo-season2-dvd-screenshot (7)

The events within Oreimo – Season 2 are mixed by nature, some offers back stories for characters that we’ve longed for, while others offer a distinctive relationship story between different types of characters. Whatever the story being told Krinio’s passion for Otaku culture, and Kyousukes obsession with aiding his sister are still here; but they are clouded by other events that pop-up. Ironically however at times you do wish that the characters themselves get-on with it and say what they want; but that is part of the emotional struggle that this story offers. It’s also worth mentioning that if you look closely during the Akihabra segments of the show you may see a few guest surprises; with cameo including Sword Art Online figures and Gal-Gun posters.

The release of the first season of Oreimo sparked interested in multiple ways; for one it had a unique story set within questionable circumstances but the bonus materials it offered were extensive to say the least. This second season however changes the pacing of the story to something more ‘personal’ and this same change can also be reflected in the amount of bonus content. Basically every type of bonus content you could imagine is included on this UK DVD release; including the textless songs which, disappointingly, were absent on the season one release. The same can also be said with the presentation of this product; sure enough issues discovered within the first season, such as audio and subtitle issues, have all been fixed and the quality itself remains constant throughout.

oreimo-season2-dvd-screenshot (8)

Oreimo – Season 2 is a continuation of the story between Kyousuke and Kirino; but along the way it tends to get everyone else involved to create a potentially ‘fake’ harem. Guys that didn’t like each other now have some type of emotional attachment and elements that made the first season so enjoyable have been removed. Does this make this series worse? No in some aspects its better as it offers an emotional story to tell rather than one thats just about otaku related itmes; it has some backbone and self-worth. Of course; in order to enjoy this passion you will have had to watch the first season – otherwise it would all be for nothing.

Score: review-stars-5

Oreimo – Season 2 will be available on DVD from the 15th February 2016.

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