Bandai Namco Jump Fiesta 2015 Announcement Round-Up


Another barrage of “Jump Fiesta” announcements have recently been revealed by Bandai Namco Entertainment and it seems next year is going to be an ‘even bigger’ year for fans of Japanese games; especially those related to popular anime franchises such as One Piece, Digimon and interestingly enough JoJo’s Biazzre Adventure!

To make it easier we have placed all announcements, and trailers, into one single-to-read article; plus it doesn’t clog up the blog that way; So what exactly was announced as this years Jump Fiesta well let’s check it out!

Digimon Story: Cyber Slueth (PS4 / PS Vita):

A brand new trailer for Digimon Story – Cyber Slueth was revealed that showcases brand new gameplay as well as the ability to train digimon in order to make them stronger. A confirmed, 6th February 2015, release date was also revealed for both PS4 and PS Vita variations of the game.

God Eater (PS4 / PS Vita / PC):

One of the biggest surprises was that Bandai Namco Entertainment would be releasing God Eater: Resurrection, a re-mastered version of the original game, and God Eater 2, it’s sequel, onto the PS4, PS Vita and PC during 2016. Both games will feature updated visuals and a new english localization. Further details will be revealed in due time; but these are games western fans have been waiting for.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven (PS4):

The PS4 version of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a 2 vs 2 action fighting game featuring over 50 characters from the 8 parts of the original manga storyline. Just like the previously released PS3 game players can expect a variety of environments, gameplay modes and ‘bizarre’ fighting mechanics that explore the JoJo universe in newly graphical dimensions.

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS-Force (PS Vita):

The publisher went on to confirm that Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS-Force, an adaptation of the previously released PS3 Games (which coincidentially is a port of the Arcade Game), for the PS Vita. The game, which is due out sometime next year, will see 2-on-2 Gundam battles from the entire gundam franchise; with mobile suits from the relatively new Gundam Age also being included. Seeing a new Gundam title being announced for a UK release is a surprised as, with the exception of Dynasty Warriors Gundam, we haven’t had a proper title in several years; furthermore with the Asian version featuring English subtitles/text it’s not surprising that the game would get a western release.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (PS4 / Xbox One / PC):

A brand new gameplay trailer for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 was revealed; this time showcasing the destructive Forbidden Secret Technique Jutsu with Naruto as well as a comical moment at the end. It’s a short trailer but it’s one that highlights some of the new abilities found within the game which is due out early next year.

Project X Zone 2 (3DS):

After many rumours a playable demo for Project X Zone 2 has been confirmed. The demo, which will be released on the 21st January 2016 as a digital download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop, will allow players to experience a sizable portion of the game and taking control of some of the new characters from taken directly out of popular SEGA, Capcom and Bandai Namco franchises.

Furthermore Bandai Namco Entertainment went on to confirm that Project X Zone 2 will be released one week earlier than in it’s original ‘delayed’ release date; and as such it is now aiming for a 12th February 2016 release date.

One Piece: Burning Blood (PS4 / PS Vita / Xbox One / PC):

Despite all of the announcements made it was the new One Piece videogame, known as One Piece: Burning Blood, which seemed to steal the spotlight; as not only has a new 4-minute-long gameplay trailer been released (of which you can see below) but Bandai Namco Entertainment confirmed that the game will be reciving a collectors edition bundle and a steam pc release next year.

The Collectors Edition bundle will include a copy of the game, an artbook and two statues of Whitebeard; one being his traditional fighting appearence and the other being his grave – all of which will be received in a collectors packagine. For those unaware One Piece: Burning Blood is a fighting-game that, judging from the trailer, seems to be based off the J-Stars VS+ gameplay mechanics whereby players can explore a battlefield while trying to beat each other to knockout. Eitherway the game looks good and it’s coming to a variety of platforms – including the PS Vita – during June 2016.

Tales of Berseria (PS4 / PC):

The latest instalment into the Tales Of franchise, otherwise known as Tales Of Berseria, will be coming to the UK and Europe for the PS4 and PC. Unlike previous Tales of games Tales of Berseria features a lead female protagonist, known as Velvet, as she ventures on a quest to uncover the secrets of new recent new found ability. Story details are – for what has been provided – lacking; but it’s sure to provide the RPG experience that Tales of fans are wanting from the game.

Tales Of Symphonia (PC):

Following on from it’s PS3 release several months (if not years?) ago Bandai Namco Entertainment have confirmed that the PC variation of the game will be released on the 2nd February 2016 on Steam.

So that’s your round-up of Jump Fiesta announcements from Bandai Namco Entertainment; all of which will see a UK and European release in the near future, with most of them being released next year! So; with that being said – which titles are you looking forward to?

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