Manga UK & Animatsu Entertainment Q1 2016 Release Schedule Revealed


Ever since the MCM London Comic Con in October we have had a steady ‘trickle’ of information about next year’s anime release schedule; well over the past few days listings on Amazon UK and Anime-On-Line have all but revealed what to expect from Manga UK and Animatsu Entertainment during the first three months of 2016 – and it looks pretty exciting.

As part of these product listings is confirmation that Code Geass: Akito the Exiled will see both Part 1 and 2 bundled together in a single set, as opposed to other countries which have released it seperately; but more importantly they will be released on Blu-ray.

A full list of what to expect during Q1 of 2016 can be found below:

4th January 2016:

Haikyu – Season 1 (DVD / Blu-ray)

18th January 2016:

Garm Wars: The Last Druid (DVD / Blu-ray)
Persona 4  – Complete Series (DVD / DVD+Blu-ray Combo Pack)
RWBY – Volume 2 (DVD / Blu-ray)

25th January 2016:

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F (DVD / Blu-ray / Collectors)
Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F + Battle of Gods (DVD / Blu-ray)
Naruto Shippuden – Box Set 23 (DVD)

1st February 2016:

Humanity Has Declined (DVD /Blu-ray)
World Conquest Zvezda Plot (DVD /Blu-ray)

15th February 2016:

Brynhildr In The Darkness (DVD / Blu-ray)

29th February 2016:

One Piece – Collection 13 (DVD)

7th March 2016:

Akame Ga Kill – Part 1 (DVD / Blu-ray / Collectors)
Evangelion 3.33 (DVD / Blu-ray)

14th March 2016:

Golden Time – Part 1 (DVD / Blu-ray)

21st March 2016:

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU! (DVD / Blu-ray)
Code Geass: Akito the Exiled – Part 1 & 2 (DVD / Blu-ray)

4th April 2016:

Parasyte The Movie – Part 1 (DVD / Blu-ray)
Yakuza: Apocaplypse (DVD / Blu-ray)
Yu-Gi-Oh! – Season 4 (DVD)

As always release dates, pricing and content are subject to change but in terms of what’s being released during that period then there’s quite a varied amount to be looking forward to.

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Scott is the Founder and Executive Editor of AnimeBlurayUK but in the past he has produced content for ZOMGPlay, Rice Digital and Funstock and was once a Community Moderator for the Nokia N-Gage forums. Based in the UK, he loves anything related to Games & Anime and in In his spare time you'll mostly find him playing on one of his many gaming consoles; namely the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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