MangaUK’s Release of Naruto Shippuden – Set 21 Does Not Work on UK Players


If you were thinking of picking up Manga Entertainment UK’s latest DVD instalment of Naruto Shippuden then you may want to hold that thought for a moment; Why exactly? Well the second DVD of Naruto Shippuden – Set 21 does not work on UK DVD and Blu-ray players; as pointed out by NormanicGrav on the UK Anime forums.

How has this happened? Well basically the second DVD disc has been authored to work ‘only’ on Region 4 devices; so its safe to assume that Madman Entertainment, who tend to author various anime titles for Manga Entertainment UK and other UK Distributors, forgot to change the authoring settings from Region 4 to Region 2 – which is of course the DVD disc region for the UK – when authoring the disc for its UK release.

The first DVD disc on the other hand works and plays perfectly fine; additionally if you own a multi-regional DVD player you can still watch the second DVD disc – it just won’t work on Region 2 (UK) DVD Players or consoles.

It’s an amusing situation; as everyone at MangaUK, Fetch Publicity and even the people who received review discs of this title (including myself) managed to miss this rather ‘big’ issue. The only way MangaUK will be able to fix this problem is by re-calling the product and re-releasing it at a later date or by offering a replacement scheme; however the former option would be the obvious choice.

For the time being at least the UK DVD release of Naruto Shippuden – Set 21 should be avoided at all cost.


Manga Entertainment UK have now issued an official response into their ‘region lockout’ problem with Naruto Shippuden – Set 21 and the advice is to return it to the retailer you purchased it from and get a replacement; although we would suggest a refund or an alternate DVD release.

Manga UK will be re-releasing a ‘fixed’ version of this in the near future.

It has come to our attention that Naruto Shippuden Box Set 21 has shipped with a faulty disk. As a precaution we have instructed retailers to return their current stock which will be swapped for an all-new allocation. We are working quickly with retailers and our production team to ensure this is resolved as quickly as possible.

If you are in receipt of a faulty copy of Naruto Shippuden Box Set 21, please contact the retailer you purchased from and they will organise return and replacement of your purchase.

We’re incredibly sorry for the inconvenience and hope that you’ll stick with us while the issue is being resolved.

My advice; take it back, get a refund and wait till a ‘fixed version’ has been released; additionally avoid buying it pre-owned (used/new) from online websites and second-hand shops.


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