Unboxing: Elfen Lied – The Complete Collection (Limited Edition Blu-ray) [UK]


101 Anime will soon be releasing the controversal, and bloody brutal, anime series Elfen Lied onto Blu-ray next week; but what exactly makes this particular release special? Well for starters it’s the distributors debut anime blu-ray release but more importantly is that it comes housed within a metal-case; either way today we will be unboxing it and exploring what it offers.

From the moment you touch this product you know its going to be something relatively special; it’s not only heavy, durable and pretty to look at but the case has been designed with a special reflective tint and so it adds a ‘magical glow’ to it when moving around in the light. The appearence is, putting bluntly, mesmerising if not slightly bland – but at least 101 Films packaging design has improved from their previous anime DVD releases.


The front cover features the three main test subjects (or Diclonius if you prefer) – all of which are relatively nude – with a brown mosiac background style entangling them; the back of the packaging on the other hand has a stick-on-leaflet which explains what the shows about and – more importantly – whats included. This stick-on-sheet is easily removable and does not damage the metal-case in any shape or form; and peeling it off will reveal another background artwork with four other female characters from the series – albeit blending into the brown background.


If you are looking for ‘explosive’ artwork then sadly you won’t find it here; instead it is offering a more restrictive and secret artwork that at the same time has the main characters (to an extent) naked. Ironically when i first saw this artwork design online i hated it; however upon learning that its inspired by the opening animation of the series, and then holding it in my hands now, it works in unison and quite well. The only disappointments however are the fact that there is no logo or title on the spine; just a brown-ish emptiness that reflects and shines in the sunlight; additionally while the stick-on-sheet can be removed (and disposed of) if you attempt to keep it attached to the case you will find it very difficult to open the case itself.

The reason being is that this sheet wraps around the case at the bottem (which is how the BBFC and 101 Anime logos are displayed on the front without effecting the artwork on the case) and no-mater how you stick it back down you’ll never be able to open it without removing it again. Interestingly enough the artwork leads me onto another disappointment – it has the original ADV Films logo on the front. It’s bizarre how 101 Films would go into making a stick-on-sleeve but yet leave a logo on the metal case – it doesn’t effect the presentation of the case too much but if you prefer cases without logos (other than the show itself) then its sure to disappoint you.


These are just minor ‘annoyances’  but they come down to personal tastes rather than problems with the product; as on the inside of the metal case things get better. The series, which is 13 episodes plus the (never before released in the UK) OVA episode is spread across two Blu-ray discs and both discs feature ‘restrictive’ but professional disc artwork whereby its clearly presentable and not over the top. In essence each disc has the logos you’d expect and one main character; i also believe the images used on the discs are similar to artwork used on the original ADV films DVD releases several years ago.

This Limited Edition set not only contains the series on Blu-ray inside a metal case; as it also comes with a small 36-page booklet that features some rather ‘interesting’ images. For starters the booklet contains a handful of concept drawings, backgrounds and character artworks – all of which look familiar to those seen within the preivous DVD release by 101 Films – but whats interesting about this booklet is nearly half of it is filled with naked or bloody images of the main characters; so it’s not exactly safe for work or public viewing.


101 Anime/101 Films have really stepped up their game with this release; as they have taken a classic series and given it some special treatment for the UK release; first by giving it a Blu-ray upgrade, then by including the OVA episode and finally by making it a Metal Tin Case with a bonus booklet.

This Elfen Lied – Complete Collection Blu-ray release is a set worthy of anime fan and collector; and despite a few niggles with the stick-on-sheet (and the amount of naked character shots in the booklet) the packaging, presentation and contents are exceptional. Of course this particular article only looks at the packaging – and what to expect from it – but hopefully enough the disc contents will just be as good as the packaging and its presentation; but so far everything is rather impressive.

Elfen Lied – The Complete Collection (Limited Edition Blu-ray) will be available on the 27th July 2015; meanwhile the DVD version of this set (which does not include the OVA episode) is currently available within the UK.

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