Sword Art Online: Re-Hollow Fragment & Sword Art Online: Lost Song Heading to Europe


In a relatively surprising (but expected) announcement Bandai Namco Entertainment have revealed that they will be releasing Sword Art Online: Re-Hollow Fragment, and it’s sequel Sword Art Online: Lost Song, within Europe later this year.

Sword Art Online: Re-Hollow Fragment is a High Definition PS4 port of the previously released PS Vita only title Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, a game which sees players deviate from the source material as they find themselves still trapped within the game world of SAO and must battle to find a way out of it. All content found within the PS Vita version will be included in this PS4 version and better yet save data from the PS Vita version will unlock additional content in the PS4 game.

sword_art_online_re_hollow_fragment (2)

Sword Art Online: Lost Song on the other hand is a direct sequel to Hollow Fragment; whereby are main cast of characters now find themselves within the online world of Alfheim Online. Once again the story is different to the original manga and anime series but all of our favourite characters, and a few new ones, will be included. Unlike the previous game Sword Art Online: Lost Song will feature updated gameplay mechanics and a new flight mechanic which allows players to fly around the map at certain times as well as do battle in the sky.


Bandai Namco Entertainment will reveal further details surrounding both games in due time; but as it stands Sword Art Online: Re-Hollow Fragment will be released digitally onto the PS4 during the summer; where as Sword Art Online: Lost Song will be released as a retail disc/cartridge onto the PS4 and PS Vita later this year.

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4 Responses to Sword Art Online: Re-Hollow Fragment & Sword Art Online: Lost Song Heading to Europe

  1. Henry says:

    Hey Scott sorry for the random question, but do you have any clue if Psychic Detective Yakumo is Region Free, as it looks like it wont be licensed in the UK?

    • Scott says:

      As far as i am aware it is REGION LOCKED but it can be made playable on PS3 (and certain Blu-ray players) by using the title search method.

      • Henry says:

        Thaks and thats a shame, just have to hope that it is licensed in the UK. Also in the future would you ever do an unboxing of Psychic Detective Yakumo and one of the REGION FREE/LOCKED pages for future references?

      • Scott says:

        Unforunately i don’t own a copy of the series (and i don’t intend on getting it) so i won’t be able to do an unboxing.

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