Quick Look: Bleach – Series 15 Part 1

bleach_series15_part1_screenshot (2)

With the series drawing to a close the UK DVD releases of Bleach now seem to be coming in thick and fast, especially seeing as Series 16 is due out within the next few weeks; so today I’ll be taking a quick look at the latest installment, Bleach – Series 15 Part 1, which is being released onto DVD by KAZE through Manga Entertainment UK very shortly.

So; to start with Bleach – Series 15 Part 1 features episodes 317 to 329 spread out over three DVD Discs, with around 4 episodes per disc and minimal extra features. If you’ve been buying Bleach since Part 8 then everything should feel very reminisce; the only difference being that the disc artwork uses silhouette’s of popular characters from the show – such as Ichigo on the first disc and kenpachi on the second disc. It’s some pretty interesting disc artwork, and makes for great guessing games; but it doesn’t always work – as illutsrated on the third disc artwork.


Interestingly enough the silhouette’s on the disc artwork all make sense on the disc menu; as the disc menu for each disc is the same artwork image – but this time in full colour. Ironically while the disc artwork is different the DVD Menu layout is all but the same; whereby each episode is listed individually and audio options (which are both English and Japanese with English subtitles) presented on the main menu – its basic KAZE presentation but at least it works.

When it comes down to episode content then we can expect all-sorts of surprises; for starters a new enemy threat emerges and begins to invade the soul society thus causing disruptions in both worlds; meanwhile Ichigo begins to loose his soul-reaper powers and finds himself being captured and scrutinized by the captains. To top-it-all-off Kon, who still finds himself in the orange bear body, rescues a mysterious green-haired-girl and attempts to keep her a secret from everyone.

bleach_series15_part1_screenshot (1)

Those looking for battles are also catered for; as be it in the real-world or soul-society there is plenty of battles in-store; although ironically its more about battles taking place between fellow team-mates as opposed to unknown enemies. Basically things are heating-up in Bleach; and better yet this set is all ‘manga-orientated-content’ so you won’t necessarily find any filler here.

In retrospect Bleach – Series 15 Part 1 is the same presentation and layout that we have all become familiar with except this time we have a whole new selection of episode content to watch – and what more could you ask for.

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