Nisekoi: False Love To Be Released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK by Manga Entertainment


Following on from the announcement that Manga Entertainment UK had acquired the UK Distribution rights to Nisekoi: False Love we have now received confirmation that the UK distributor will be releasing the series on both Blu-ray and DVD later this year.

As it stands Manga Entertainment UK will be releasing the series in four instalments, or two half-season sets, with the first set (Season 1 Part 1) being released on the 20th April 2015 – which is only two months away. Details on the remaining parts, such as Season 1 Part 2, will be unveiled in the coming months.

For those who have never heard of Nisekoi: False Love then here is a short synopsis of what you could expect:

Raku Ichijo just wants to be a normal high schooler, but things have suddenly got super complicated for the yakuza family heir. You see, he fancies sweetly shy classmate Kosaki Onadera, but his gangster dad insists that he go out with brash new transfer student Chitoge Kirisaki, herself the daughter of a mob boss, to prevent an all-out turf war breaking out between the rival gangs.

Raku and Shitoge reluctantly agree to play along, but convincing a bunch of belligerent hoodlums that they’re a lovey-dovey couple isn’t going to be easy – especially as the hot-tempered Chitoge would far rather punch our hero than kiss him. And as if that isn’t enough, ten years ago Raku promised a girl that they’d get married when they were reunited; a promise sealed when she gave him her locket. Only now he can’t actually remember her name. Or what she looks like. Looks like Raku’s love life is about to get an awful lot more interesting…

It’s great to finally see Manga UK returning to “Blu-ray” releases and hopefully this time things will stay on track.

Furthermore that’s not the only good news either, as Manga Entertainment UK have also confirmed that Bleach Series 14 Part 2 will be available on 6th April 2015 while Bleach Series 15 Part 1 while be available in May; basically there is plenty of good news all-round and it will be interesting to see what continues to happen in the future.

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