Manga UK Provides Clarification for Evangelion 3.33 Pre-Order Cancelations


Manga Entertainment UK have today issued a statement surrounding yesterday’s confusion of Evangelion 3.33 being cancelled; and just as we assumed Manga UK are still releasing the film into the UK but as no ‘definitive’ release date is available they have opted to cancel pre-orders for the time being.

“We regret to inform you that the scheduled release of Evangelion 3.33 – You Can (Not) Redo has been pushed back indefinitely. We can confirm that Manga Entertainment will still be releasing this title, but at present there is no confirmed release date. We apologise to our fans for this, but unfortunately this delay was unavoidable.”

It all started yesterday afternoon when Amazon UK sent out an e-mail to customers informing them that the UK Release of Evangelion 3.33 had been cancelled; a piece of news which not only enraged fans but caused an outcry on social media to the distributor. With MangaUK delaying titles, such as those seen yesterday, and reverting others to DVD-only its not surprising that fans would be concerned about this e-mail; however there is a perfectly good reason behind these pre-orders being cancelled – and it all goes back to FUNimation.


Evangelion 3.33 was originally due for release last year (if not earlier) but due to the constant problems with the English Dub FUNimation, the studio who are producing the Dub, have had to postpone the release of the film – which of course had a knock-on effect for us in the UK and those living in Australia. Because of these setbacks FUNimation are now working with Studio Khara in order to produce a ‘perfect english dub’ however since no-one knows when this dub will be completed it also means no-one knows when the film will be available for home video release.

Put simply; it’s out of Manga UK’s control – Manga UK have to wait for the materials from FUNimation (or in some cases Madman Entertainment) before being able to release their dsics and since those materials are still being produced we just have to wait. So in short the bad news is that Evangelion 3.33 no longer has a release date, as no-one knows as to when it will be ready, but the good news is that Manga Entertainment UK will still be releasing the film in the UK.

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