Anime Limited Confirms Remaining Kill La Kill Release Plans


Over the course of the weekend Andrew Partridge, the el presidente of UK Anime distributor Anime Limited, took to the Anime UK forums to unveil the remaining release plans for Kill La Kill on Blu-ray and DVD.

Basically Anime Limited are hoping to have the remaining two parts of Kill La Kill, both of which will come in Collectors Edition form with an 200-page (or so) artwork, by the end of May 2015.

KLK Part 2:

Contains: Eps 10-19 (I’ve checked the discs, they are labeled correctly too – shock, horror!)
Extras on disc: Web previews, clean opening, clean closings.
Tentative physical contents: 216 page artbook (containing the books from Volumes 2 & 3) and collector’s packaging.

SRP: £59.99 for BD | £49.99 for DVD (same as Part 1)
Release date: Tentatively March 2nd, pending approvals which are underway now.

KLK Part 3:

Contains: Eps 20-25
Extras on disc: Web previews, clean opening, clean closings.
Tentative physical contents: Artbook, 3 Goku Star pins and collector’s packaging.

SRP: £49.99 for BD | £39.99 for DVD
Release date: Tentatively May 25th, pre-sales at MCM Expo.

Following the successful launch of the ‘Collectors Edition’ version of Kill La Kill Anime Limited will then release a standard edition of the series, whereby the only content you shall receive is the disc(s) in standard amaray cases; however they will once again be released in ‘Part instalments’ as requested by the Japanese licensor

It’s very clear that the committee will not allow even 12-13 episodes in a set in 2015 with no obvious release date one would be OK in.

We have two choices at this stage – one is to just wait it out until mystery date we can (I’d guess late 2016 is optimistic). The alternative that I am pitching is:

– 3 sets, BD & DVD separate
– £24.99 SRP for BD, £19.99 SRP for DVD
– Likely Amazon price for all 3 sets would be £49.99 – £54.99 for BD, £39.99 – £49.99 for DVD.
– Released over: June, August, October

So in short; the Collectors Edition versions of Kill la Kill, each of which contain 9 episodes, come in rigid chipboard box and include an artbook, will be available be the end of May 2015 – if everything goes to plan – meanhwile the standard edition versions of the series, which are just the discs in amaray cases, may be out (in its entirety) by the end of 2016.

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