Unboxing: Cardcaptor Sakura – The Movie (Blu-Ray) [USA]


When Discotek Media announced that they had acquired the distribution rights to Cardcaptor Sakura – The Movie and that they would be releasing it on Blu-ray i was quite surprised; not because it’s from a relatively unknown distributor but because NIS America had previously secured the TV Series and done a fine job with it. So with an ‘underdog’ of a distributor releasing the film on Blu-ray what can you expect from it? Well lets take a look.

From the offset the packaging style and design mimic’s that of previous American and Japanese DVD releases of the film; whereby we have a classic image sakura along with the original cardcaptor sakura logo (not newly drawn artwork like the NIS America TV Series sets) on the front. The back of the sleeve features several screenshots of the film, a synopsis as well as a list of bonus materials; basically it’s clean, its clear and looks when spread out – which is all you can really ask for.


In regards to the disc artwork then it uses the same image as that on the front cover, as most anime releases tend to; yet again its basic and clean. While the artwork may seem a bit simplistic to some it’s the disc content which will receive majority of the praising; for starters the American Blu-ray release of Cardcaptor Sakura – The Movie looks pretty much the same as the original Japanese Blu-ray release whereby a remastered picture brings new-life into a relatively old film. The HD Transfer isn’t as good as the TV Series but it still looks as fanastic and the best you’ll receive at this current moment in time.

Mind you it’s not just the picture quality; as the inclusion of both English and Japanese audio languages, both of which are in 5.1, as well as all previous DVD Only bonus content are included on the disc – thus making this release a truly ‘definitive’ edition of the film.  There may not be much in terms of bonus content, as its mostly Japanese promotional materials and an English Trailer for the film, but its a lot more than what most anime movie releases get, such as One Piece: Strong World and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods which only received English created bonuses.


This Blu-ray release of Cardcaptor Sakura – The Movie is another American Blu-ray thats worth adding to the collection; it may be Region Locked (Region A only) and it may come from a relatively unknown distributor but its easily one of the best remastered re-releases of a popular franchise and considering the price tag (you can pick-it-up for under $20) it’s well worth the asking price; and i just hope that Discotek Media release the second film to similar standards (if they do acquire it).

Cardcaptor Sakura – The Movie is now available on Blu-ray (and DVD) within America.

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