Ben-To and Good Luck Girl! To Release on DVD Only Within the UK


Those hoping to rejorce in the High Definition Blu-ray quality of Ben-T0 and Good Luck Girl! within the UK will have to look elsewhere as the UK Distributor Manga Entertainment UK has now decided to release them only on DVD.

Originally, back at the MCM Scotland in September 2014, it was revealed that Ben-T0 and Good Luck Girl! would be the first anime titles to be released only on Blu-ray; well it seems the boffins at Manga UK HQ have decided to change their mind as both series will now only be available on DVD.

That’s not all either as the upcoming ‘Collection’ instalments of Fairy Tail, such as Fairy Tail – Collection 3, will be shifted to DVD Only; where as individual ‘Part’ instalments, such as the recent release of Fairy Tail – Part 8, will be released on DVD and Blu-ray. 


Basically If you were holding out for the Blu-ray ‘Colleciton’ instalments, which see two parts combined together into a single release, then unfortunately from now on these will only be released on DVD.

It’s currently unclear as to why Manga Entertainment UK are doing this; but it further reiterates the concerns that anime fans, such as ourselves, have about the current state of the company – as this time last year they were bringing out all-sorts of titles in all-sorts of formats and now we only have limited titles to choose from.

via: Anime UK News Forum

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3 Responses to Ben-To and Good Luck Girl! To Release on DVD Only Within the UK

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  2. mattdark says:

    Didn’t we see a similar issue with a few years back with FMA:Brotherhood? They released volumes one and two on DVD and Blu-Ray, then suddenly, they switched to DVD only for volumes 3-5.

    It was only a year or so later when they finally decided to release the complete series on Blu-ray, even then they split it into 2 parts, rather then finishing the original 5-volume set.

    They aren’t the only ones at the moment, a lot of the older UK/EU anime companies seem to be releasing fewer titles, while the newer groups are pinking up a bunch of titles (And artificially pushing the price up I might add)

    • Scott says:

      This is an old article (as Samurai Bride will now become available on Blu-ray in the UK when released in July); the problem here was that both titles were previously ‘BLU-RAY ONLY’ but then they became ‘DVD ONLY’

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