Unboxing: Time of Eve – The Movie (Deluxe Edition Blu-ray) [UK]


It’s been over a year since Pied Piper’s / Directions / Studio Rikka’s Kickstarter campaign of turning the Time of Eve ONA (Original-Net-Animation) Series into a feature-length-film and releasing it as a Deluxe Editon Blu-ray; but here it is and today we are going to open it up and see exactly what it offers.

Available to purchase from the official Time of Eve Shop, Anime Limited’s online store and Amazon UK, this Deluxe Edition of the project contains a copy of the film, which is presented in High Definition on a Blu-ray disc, a 33-Track Soundtrack CD and 56-page booklet all housed inside a special carded sleeve digipack packaging design.


From the offset the Deluxe Edition of the Time of Eve: The Movie feels special and unique due to it’s clean and basic nature; a trend seen in the standard edition as well. For instance the only artwork on the outer packaging is the face of the main robotic character and once opened the same artwork is used on the digipack packaging; albeit this time with her eyes open to illustrate that your product is now available to use. Furthermore the back of the packaging, both inside and outside, feature no artwork what-so-ever and while, to some, this may seem disappointing it actually gives the product a unique indentity.

Interestingly despite all of this ‘uniqueness’ i was disappointed to find that the packaging itself is non-other than a thick piece of carded sleeve and isn’t a rigid chipboard artbox, such as Anime Limited’s Ultimate Edition releases. The carded packaging reminds me of MangaUK’s Collectors Edition bundles (Attack on Titan & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood); however this sleeve is extremely thick and as a result it won’t tear or rip that easily.


Packaging aside it’s the content that matters the most and inside you will receive a digipack packaging (yet again similar to Anime’s Limited packaging style) with a Blu-ray and Soundtrack CD. Both discs are exactly the same as they are in the Standard Edition, so there is nothing new or interesting here; on the other hand the 56-page booklet, entitled CODE:LIFE, provides an in-depth look at the film, it’s production and people that were involved with it. The booklet itself is spread into several different sections, such as Interviews, Mini-Novel, Artwork and Soundtrack credits, and it even includes the same 8-pages of information featured within the standard edition, so it’s definately a set worth for fans and collectors of the film.

Overall the Deluxe Edition of Time of Eve: The Movie left me impressed but not as impressed as the Standard Edition; you expect the Deluxe Edition to be special, unique and offer exclusive bonuses – which is exactly what has been achieved – yet at the same time i can’t help find myself feeling underwhelmed as other than 48 pages (and carded sleeve packaging) its exactly the same content as the standard version for nearly double the price.


Time of Eve: The Movie (Deluxe Edition Blu-ray) is now available to purchase from the official Time of Eve shop for $59.95, which equates to around £38.18, excluding postage; Alternatively you can purchase it from Anime Limited’s Online Store for £34.99 or Pre-Order online from Amazon UK.

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