Anime Limited Begins Shipping Patema Inverted To Kickstarter Backers; Collectors Edition Delayed Till Next Year


It’s been a long and tough road for Anime Limited, or All The Anime if you prefer, but the Patema Inverted Kickstarter Campaign is finally drawing to a close.

Speaking in a Kickstarter Update earlier today the company confirmed that those who pledged for the Standard and Ultimate Edition tiers will see their products being shipped next week;

It’s finally here! The time to send out the Ultimate Edition and Standard Edition copies of Patema Inverted is finally upon us. Kickstarter backer copies of the UE and SE will be going out early next week – so you should expect to receive them soon!

Unforunately however this ‘good news’ also comes with some bad news; as the UK Anime Distributor also confirmed that Collectors Edition versions of the film (i.e. the middle tier) had suffered some set-backs and as a result will now be released next year for both general sale and kickstarter backers:

Alas yes, the Collector’s Edition of Patema Inverted has suffered a bit of a setback. Backers of the CE will still get their copies ahead of retail, albeit a bit later than their UE and SE counterparts. We’re sorry for the delay and we know it’s not ideal but please bear with us! It’ll be worth it 🙂

The Collector’s Edition will be sent to backers in January 2015.

In short; if you supported the Standard and Ultimate Edition reward tiers then you should be expecting your product in the next few weeks, with both versions available for general sale at the end of this month; However if you supported the Collectors Edition reward tier then you will have to wait until next year before getting your hands on it.

Interestingly thats not the only piece of bad news either; as the Kickstarter Update continues to explain:

For the Standard Edition backers thinking: ‘Hey, don’t we also get the booklet? How does THAT work?’ All SE backers will receive the booklet at a later date once it’s ready – we will be sending these out separately and at our own expense. So, all Standard Edition backers will have the full shebang, but the booklet will come along a wee bit later than the discs.

In other words those who supported the Standard Edition, which was basically the Blu-ray and DVD in a standard Amaray case, will not receive the booklet when their product arrives next week; instead they will have to wait until next year. In retrospect thats “two” different versions of the film that won’t be complete until next year; but at least those who pledged support for the product will receive it – at some point.

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