Blu-ray Release of Kill-La-Kill – Part 1 Pushed Back Till December


It seems like All The Anime can’t catch a break lately, as now their Blu-ray Release of Kill-La-Kill – Part 1 has been pushed back till the 1st December 2014 due to an desynchronisation issue with the English Audio.

Basically the English Dub track for Episode 4 goes out of sync, something which makes the entire episode difficult to watch due to sound effects and voices being later than they should. Interestingly this ‘error’ is only apparent on the Blu-ray version of the set and as such the DVD version is still on course for its 3rd November 2014 launch day, as Andrew from Anime Limited / All The Anime explains:

The more things stay the same! We’ve had to push the release date back for Kill la Kill on Blu-Ray to December 1st again (1 week before it was originally scheduled to be). This is because an eagle-eyed forum-goer who picked up a copy at MCM Expo spotted a 0.4 second desynchronisation on the dub track on Episode 4 of our Blu-Ray print (DVD isn’t impacted, so will remain on date).

On further inspection it looks like there was an issue on our end with it so we’ve gone and done the only thing we think is right – quarantine all stock before it goes out to retail and replace Disc 1 with a corrected CMF so folks looking for the dub get a fix without need for a replacement scheme.

Basically it means all retail stock will be fixed now at our own expense (which believe me, is not cheap). Hopefully it reaffirms to fans our commitment to get good product to you though!

El Presidente, Anime Limited

If you purchased the Blu-ray set from All The Anime’s booth at the London MCM Comic Con then you will be able to request a replacement; however this won’t happen until the new discs have been created. In the meantime all stock of the Blu-ray version has been put and hold and All The Anime are working to fix the issue and re-print the discs.

In short Kill-La-Kill – Part 1 will now be released on the 1st December 2014, which is still a week earlier compared to its intial release date; the DVD version will continue to launch on the 3rd November 2014.

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