MVM Entertainment Unveils The Full Q1 2015 Release Schedule


Yesterday we provided you with a ‘round-up‘ of all of the License Announcements made throughout the London MCM Comic Con weekend; well today MVM Entertainment, via their online website Anime-On-Line, have revealed their full Q1 2015 release schedule.

As always these release dates and formats are ‘subject to change’ but interestingly a few surprises are in-store; including complete box-set collections of Chrome Shelled Regios, which was previously released as a half-season set, as well as a ‘complete collection’ set, which combines both Season 1 and Season 2, for Arakawa Under the Bridge. Anyway here is a rundown of the Q1 release schedule for MVM Entertainment.

5th January 2015:

Michiko & Hatchin – Part 1 (DVD)
Sankarea – The Complete Series (DVD)

12th January 2015:

Arakawa Under the Bridge – Complete Collection (DVD)

19th January 2015:

Otorimonogatari – Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
Otorimonogatari – Complete Collection (DVD)

26th January 2015:

Battle Girls: Time Paradox – Complete Collection (DVD)

2nd February 2015:

Kamisama Dolls – Complete Collection (DVD)

9th February 2015:

Chrome Shelled Regios – The Complete Series (DVD)
Shangri-La – The Complete Series (DVD)

16th February 2015:

Onimonogatari – Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
Onimonogatari – Complete Collection (DVD)

23rd February 2015:

Michiko & Hatchin – Part 2 (DVD)

2nd March 2015:

Koimonogatari – Complete Collection (Blu-ray)
Koimonogatari – Complete Collection

16th March 2015:

Infinite Stratos – Season 2 (DVD)

23rd March 2015:

Tsuritama – Complete Collection (DVD)

So there we have it; the full Q1 2015 Release Schedle for MVM Entertainment’s upcoming anime releases and looking at it suggests that MVM will be releasing a new set every-week until March; which is obviously a good thing. The only real disappointment is that only the ‘Monogatari’ titles are being released on Blu-ray, but i guess that shows how popular they are.

Anyway as mentioned these ‘release dates’ are subject to change; but for the time being we can expect these titles to be released on these dates.


After some critisim from fans MVM Entertainment have spoken out on Twitter saying that some of the titles, other than the Monogatari franchise, may be released on Blu-ray in addition to the DVD.

Obviously this is ‘good news’ but as it stands now everything mentioned in the Q1 release schedule can be taken as fact until MVM Entertainment say otherwise.

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