DVD Review: The Devil is a Part Timer – The Complete Series

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What do you get when you pit Angels and Demons against each other? I’d usually say an epic battle but in the case of The Devil is a Part Timer that’s not exactly the correct answer; but it’s still insanely fun. Potential spoilers aside what did we think of this DVD release by Manga Entertainment UK; well continue reading to find out!


When Satan is run out of his infernal kingdom, he finds himself virtually powerless in modern-day Tokyo. Stuck in a feeble mortal body and desperate for cash, there’s only one way for the dark lord to survive: by getting a job manning the deep fryer at “MgRonald”!

As Satan flips burgers and tries to regain his evil magic, he’s pestered by a righteous hero who tracked him to Earth, a video-game-loving fallen angel looking for a way back into heaven, and the most unholy of enemies: a rival fast food franchise. Will he figure out a way to reclaim his homeland and throne? And if not, will this demonic burger king at least sell enough featured menu items to be promoted to shift supervisor? The devil can’t survive on minimum wage!

Our View:

The Devil is a Part Timer follows the story of Satan, or Sadao Maou as he is known in his Human form, who after being driven out of his home world Ente Isla by the Hero Emilia finds himself stranded in the human world and unable to speak their language. After some, rather comical encounters, and a brief time-skip we then ultimately see Sadao working part-time at MgRonald’s in order to provide food and shelter for his new household.

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At first Sadao, along with his trusty side-kick Aciel, who goes by the name of Shirō Ashiya in his human form, struggle to get to grips with human life but Sadao’s determination of trying to conquer the fast-food chain of MgRonalds soon changes things. At first the storyline sees Sadao, and Shiro, attempt to form a plan on how to get home; however after spending several weeks living within the human world they decide to stay. The storyline then shifts to where the hero (Emilia) uncovers the devils whereabouts and stalks him in attempt to see if he’s up to anything he shouldn’t but while this takes place a more sinister evil lurks in the background attacking helpless victims on the streets.

Interesting this is only the first half of the series and after both Emilia and Sadao join forces in order to take down this ‘unknown foe’ the series takes a more ‘unique’ turn, whereby the true emotions of Sadao’s work-mate comes into fruition and creates an amusing love-triangle within the group. From demon slaying to a comical love triangle The Devil is a Part Timer offers variety in nice instalments but while all these different elements and genres are apparent the common occurrence in the series is the constant determination of Sadao becoming the greatest MgRonald employee in history – and that’s just funny in itself.

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Be it the ever-changing-story or the variety of comical entertainment The Devil is a Part Timer is surely a worthwhile watch; but there is more on offer than just one liners and witty comebacks from our main characters as there is also a wealth of visual gags in store. The obvious one is that MgRonald is in reference to McDonalds but other visual gags also appear, be it SKC (instead of KFC) or Jungolo (in reference to Amazon); heck there is even a PS Vita (PASVATA) visual joke. Basically it’s a series with a laid back attitude that has a rather ‘conclusive’ storyline to it; it’s fun, it’s action-packed and it’s worth watching.


It’s not just the series that has a lot of entertaining merits either, as the variety of bonus content included with the release is also commendable. For starters we have the traditional inclusion of Textless songs and cast commentaries but there is also the inclusion of an ‘English exclusive’ bonus feature.


As you’d expect the two English Cast Commentaries sees the English cast provide audio commentary for multiple episodes, in this case Episode 1 and Episode 12. Cast Commentaries are usually meant to be informative and interesting but in the instance of the Episode 1 English Cast Commentary it’s more about joking around and having a laugh. For instance this particular commentary sees Christopher Bevins (ADR Director), Josh Grelle (Satan/Madao) and Anthony Bowling (Aciel/Shiro) pointing out a few ‘on-screen’ jokes while providing ‘some’ information on the dubbing process. The Episode 12 English Cast Commentary is pretty much the same but this time it sees Tia Ballard (Chio) Aron Dismuke (Urushihara), Felecia Angelle (Emi) and Alex Moore (Suzno)providing the commentary.

The Ente Isla Language: with Jamie Marchi bonus feature is a segment which sees Jamie Marchi (Lead Writer of the series) explain how the ‘foreign’ language used within the demon world (Ente Isla) was created and what difficulties it caused during production. Basically during the opening episodes of the series Satan and his four generals, along with Amelia, spoke in a foreign dialect that requires subtitles to be read; but upon entering the human world they begin to learn the English language and speak it. The Enta Isla language was created from scratch and sees the English voice actors speaking it and this is what this piece of bonus material explains; how it was created and how it was implemented into the show.


The final piece of bonus content, and to round out this rather nice selection of content, is the inclusion of the original US Trailer and textless songs. Amusingly despite only being thirteen episodes long the series uses a total four pieces of opening and closing songs.


Media: DVD 9 x2
Region: 2
Running Time: 2:40:58 (Disc 1), 2:16:32 (Disc 2)
Video: MPEG-2
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 448kbps (English) & Dolby Digital 2.0 224kbps
Subtitles: English (White)
Resolution: 720 x 576 (576i)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Frame Rate: 25 fps


The Devil is a Part Timer is one of those series that you don’t expect much from but upon watching half an episode you’ll soon realise you are going to love it; and probably not for the right reasons either. You see the series mixes elements from various genres to make it a truly entertaining and charming show; for instance we’ve got constant themes of comedy and rivalries which are then occasionally blended together with magical abilities, harem events and (at a push) a love-triangle between several of the main characters. It’s not just these either as a constant threat is also looming in the background; however unlike other shows of this type (such as Is This a Zombie?) they actually flow perfectly well together with the story – even if that story can be pretty vague at times.

Devil_Is_A_Part_Timer_Review_Screenshot (2)

This is probably what makes The Devil is a Part Timer so much fun to watch; as the story is constantly evolving in multiple directions where as in a similar series, yet again I’m pointing at Is This a Zombie, you expect the story to move along but instead it stays where it is; which coincidentally was nowhere that interesting. At first the story of The Devil is a Part Timers seems to be about Shiro and Sadao finding a way to return to their homeworld of Ente Isla; but upon settling into their new lifestyle Sadao decides to stay within the human world so that he can conqurer the fastfood chain of MgRonald. This, in a sense, is the main story for of the series but it all changes when a familiar faces show up and cause chaos within the city; at which point Sadao steps in to the save the day – which isn’t something you’d expect Satan to be doing.

Anyway storyline aside this DVD release of The Devil is a Part Timer seems to be self-authored by Manga Entertainment UK themselves; Why do I assume this? Well for starters there are no Madman Logos (or disc credits) and secondly it is littered with the traditional MangaUK Disc authoring errors. For starters there are no traditional chapter markings, such as Prologue, Opening, Part A, Part B, Ending and next episode preview, as it instead opts for a chapter point every four minutes. What this means is that if you want to skip the opening song you’ll be taken three minutes into the episode itself. Another interesting fault was that the background noises within the English Audio track sound ‘tinny’ and ‘low quality’ when watching it through TV speakers; interestingly if you watch the series through a 5.1 Setup then it sounds perfectly fine – so I’m not sure what exactly happened to make it sound terrible through regular stereo speakers. The final disappointment is that there are no subtitles for the opening and closing songs; to me these don’t matter but I know a fair amount of people that enjoy seeing the English (or Japanese) translations during the songs.

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Overall The Devil is a Part Timer is a ‘highly entertaining’ and ‘refreshing experience’ that deserves a spot on your shelf, but when it comes to this DVD release by Manga Entertainment UK then a few questions are raised. As an overall product it is pretty great, with its variety of bonus content and constant picture quality; however these ‘annoying’ chapter markings and audio issues cannot be overlooked as they are easily noticeable. Basically it’s a great series, but a flawed DVD; so hopefully the Blu-ray is better.

Score: review-stars-4

The Devil is a Part Timer is now available on Blu-ray and DVD within the UK.

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7 Responses to DVD Review: The Devil is a Part Timer – The Complete Series

  1. William Silva says:

    Hey do you know if the Blu Ray version suffers from the same problems? Thanks

    • Scott says:

      It doesn’t suffer from the low quality audio in English Dub but it dlooes suffers from ‘incorrect’ chapter markings and grey subtitles (as opposed to FUNimation’s white subtitle style).

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  3. Aaron Holmes says:

    When I play through vlc, audio sounds weak and tinny

    • Scott says:

      Indeed; this is the problem with this release and it seems it won’t be fix anytime soon.

      When the DVD is played through 2.0 speakers (or TV speakers) it sounds tinny and weak; but when played through a 5.1 Setup (which is how we tested it) it sounds fine.

      The Blu-ray version of the series is unaffected by the strange audio issues.

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