All The Anime’s Ultimate Edition of Gurren Lagann Suffers from some ‘amusing’ Production Flaws

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If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your Ultimate Edition release of Gurren Lagann then you may be in for some disappointing news; as according to those who have already received it a potential major production error has occured.

Basically the third tray that houses the first movie disc has been incorrectly placed/ glued which results in the disc tray being skewed; but whatever the reason it’s not in the correct place and looks – well stupid and not something you’d expect from a £100 collectors edition purchase.


Naturally Andrew Partridge is outraged at the discovery, especially as ‘additional’ care and consideration was taken when designing the packaging.

I’m in full beatings mode for the factory right now – watch this space and will get back to folks as is wholly unacceptable even if in a limited number. I’ve covered this elsewhere (recent releases) but we specifically asked them to ensemeure no integrity issues or we’d use another way to store the discs. Extremely frustrated that they clearly did not do this.

It is fixable in short term at least by lifting carefully and reattaching where wanted (on 99% of those impacted this is viable) but we’re also chasing replacement digipacks as we worked so hard on this release, to see someone else cock it up for us is really depressing and upsetting so we’re on finding a solution asap.

President, Anime Ltd

Unfortunately thats not the only bad news either, as a few days before release it was reported that several audio and visual errors were spotted in the release. Ironically we only spotted the visuals errors, which were DVD styled image quality for several seconds during episodes 5 and 7, but we just passed this off as part of a traditional “high definition re-master process” (which turned out to be semi-correct); but according to others on the Anime UK forums the Japanese Audio is presented in lower quality than the other audio tracks, something which we didn’t pick-up-on due to us favouring the English Dub.

Anyway as it stands All The Anime are looking to resolve the recently discovered ‘packaging’ issues and are also looking into the ‘potential’ audio issues spotted by fans and eagle-eyed viewers, so for the time being we will just have to wait and see what All The Anime do.

via: Anime UK Forums (Credit to megagold5 for the picture

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5 Responses to All The Anime’s Ultimate Edition of Gurren Lagann Suffers from some ‘amusing’ Production Flaws

  1. Hourin says:

    Is that some product or all product?, I got it on preorder, I yet to pay for since living in NZ I wonder if All The Anime would replace the defectives….

    • Scott says:

      The packaging fault only effects ‘some’ products – but its impossible to know without opening the product; the visual (and audio) defects effect all products.

      The Audio defect only effects the Japanese audio and the Visual defect (which is a maximum of 30 seconds across the two episodes) was a fix for another error that was discovered in the disc masters.

      All The Anime have not yet announced what they plan to do; however it seems not much can be done (in regards to the disc defects) as they had to work with the masters that the Japanese gave them.

  2. FVK says:

    Uh, it’d be nice if I could even check for that to be the case, since I don’t even HAVE mine yet! I’m so annoyed by this.

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