Quick Look: Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III – The Advent


The final instalment into the ‘Golden Age Arc’ storyline of Berserk will soon be upon us, next Monday to be exact, and since the release date is so close we’ve opted to take a ‘quick look’ at the Blu-ray release of the film rather than a full-fledged review; so lets get to it.

Clocking-in at just under two hours Berserk: The Golden Agrc Arc III – The Advent, or simply known as Berserk: Movie 3 – The Advent, takes place one year since Griffith, the leader of the band of the hawks, was imprisoned by the Kingdom of Midland. During that timeframe the Band of the Hawks have been on the run from the Kingdom; that is until Guts returns and they attempt a daring rescue mission on the capital in order to save their leader; but is it too late.


With Griffith’s heart plunging deeper and deeper into darkness, and the kingdom of Midland becoming ever more ruthless, a bloody battle ensues that leads Griffith to make the ultimate sacrifice – and an end to the Golden Age Arc; it’s violent, it’s brutal but in reality Berserk has never looked so beautiful.

General synopsis aside all three of the Berserk movies tend to offer a similar theme, impressive high definition animation mixed with cell-shaded CGI visuals and it’s no different with this third movie; albeit the animation quality has been cranked up; especially when it comes down to the intense fight scenes towards the end of the film.


A similar concept of ‘quality’ has also been used on this Blu-ray release by Kaze Entertainment as bundled with this Blu-ray is all of the bonus materials that ‘should’ have been included on previous films. Cast interviews, Movie Digests, English Dub outtakes and various promotional materials for all three movies are bundled within this single Blu-ray disc; thus making it the ‘ideal’ purchase for anyone continuously collecting the franchise.

Mind you this ‘extensive’ list of extras could come at a cost as the Blu-ray disc is only 25GB in size. This amount of extra materials, and a 2 hour long film, on a single disc suggests to me that some sacrifices in quality may have been made to make all of the content fit on the disc. Of course this is just me speculating, but when the Blu-ray release of Fate/Stay Night  is ‘exactly’ the same size (disc-storage-wise) and contains no bonus materials the question has to be considered. In reality though the quality, both in audio and visuals, is perfectly fine and on-par (if not better) than previous films in the saga so you should’nt really experience any issues with it.


If you’ve been following the ‘Golden Age Arc’ of Berserk movies then considering Berserk Movie 3 – Advent should be a no brainer; however just be warned that this is the most brutal, and potentially mind-destorying, anime you will ever encounter; but then again that’s why we like it.

Berserk: The Golden Agrc Arc III – The Advent will be available on both Blu-ray and DVD from the 6th October 2014; the film will feature both English and Japanese audio languages and more importantly all of the bonus content is ‘exclusive’ to the Blu-ray release of the film.

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