Mai Mai Miracle Pushed Back Until Next Year due to English Script Issues


Those of you who were hoping to receive Anime Limited’s Blu-ray and/or DVD release of Mai Mai Miracle later this year will be disappointed to hear that it will not be available until next year due to issues with the English Dub’s script.

Speaking on Kickstarter, as part of a backer only update, Anime Limited revealed that the Japanese team wanted the English script to be ‘more localised’ and as such the script needs to be re-written:

In a nutshell, the major feedback from the director highlighted the fact that he would like the English dub script to be completely localised – more so than it currently is.

It means our start on the dubbing for Mai Mai Miracle is delayed while the script is re-worked. The dub script provided to us by the licensor didn’t meet the director’s vision for the film (a vision equal for both Japanese and English). This involves not only re-writing the full script but getting it to a final draft that everyone is happy with, a process that can take months. As a result, we’re expecting to have the dub (everything working as it should) by Q4 meaning that a physical release is likely to be pushed back until early 2015 (Q1).

Basically Anime Limited have to start from the beginning and create a more localised version of the English Script; once this script has been approved by the Japanese licensor then recording can start on the English Dub, but for the meantime we will just have to wait until next year.

There is some ‘good news’ to be had; as the digital version of Mai Mai Miracle, which is being released in Japanese with English Subtitles, is still on target for its release next month so if you are just wanting to watch the film in Japanese then you will be able to do so next month:

While we finalise the dub script, we will also be making the digital version of the film available as a sub-only release to backers as stated in the rewards section on the original page The digital release is stated as August 2014 and we’re on track, so you’ll be able to enjoy the film before actually getting your hands on the physical release 🙂

So to sum-up the physical Blu-ray and DVD release of Mai Mai Miracle will not be released until next year however the Japanese digital version will be available next month as originally planned. All other tasks related to the project, such as artbook and packaging designs, are also on track as originally planned – it’s just the english dub which is causing problems.

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