MVM Entertainment’s Entire Q3 2014 Line-Up Confirmed


Following on from last weeks reveal, which saw Anime-On-Line outing Manga Entertainment UK’s entire Q3 line-up, it now seems that it is MVM Entertainment’s turn of having their announcements posted earlier than expected.

Spotted by @Agent347 and listed on Zavvi, a selection of upcoming titles have appeared for pre-order, with the lot of them listed for a Q3 release window, with titles including Mysterious Girlfriend X (DVD only), Kokoro Connect (DVD only), From the New World – Part 2, Bodacious Space Pirates – Complete and Toradora – Complete.

All of the titles have previously been revealed at some stage via twitter or their website, so other than a complete box-set for Bodacious Space Pirates their really isn’t any surprises.

As it stands now this is what you can expect from MVM’s Entire Q3 Line-up, with pre-orders now active across various websites:

7th July 2014:

Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor – Complete (DVD)

14th July 2014:

Kamisama Kiss – Complete (DVD)

21st July 2014:

Accel World – Part 2 (DVD / Blu-ray)

28th July 2014:

Familiar of Zero – Season 1 (DVD / Blu-ray)

4th August 2014:

Campione! – Complete (DVD / Blu-ray)

11th August 2014:

From the New World – Part 1 (DVD / Blu-ray)

18th August 2014:

Mysterious Girlfriend X (DVD)

25th August 2014:

Nekomonogatari Black (DVD / Blu-ray)

1st September 2014:

Kokoro Connect (DVD)

15th September 2014:

From The New World – Part 2 (DVD / Blu-ray)

22nd September 2014:

Bodacious Space Pirates – Complete (DVD / Blu-ray)

29th September 2014:

Toradora – Complete (DVD / Blu-ray)

27th October 2014:

Sankera – Complete (DVD)

Sankera was originally expected to release during June, however for an undisclosed reason the release has now been pushed back until the 27th October 2014, which technically makes it a Q4 Release window.

It’s expected that MVM Entertainment, along with Anime Limited and Manga Entertainment UK, will be announcing some new acquisitions at this weekends London MCM Expo. In the meantime is there any titles on the wish that interests you? Let us know in the comments.

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