DVD Review: Dragon Ball GT – Season 2

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The Dragon Ball franchise comes to an explosive conclusion in this DVD Release of Dragon Ball GT, but what did we think of it? Find out in our DVD Review of Dragon Ball GT – Season 2.


The destiny of a legendary warrior, his long path wrought with peril, reaches its apex. The fate of Goku is now tied to that of the world and the most epic toil ever rested on the shoulders of one man has come to be. As one apocalypse is thwarted, another looms!

Gokus heroic friends fall around him and the warrior must steel his nerve, for two evil scientists have created the perfect killing machine. Android 17. As the abomination deals out terror with mechanical precision, horrible villains from battles past rise again. Yet even more chaos awaits. The most dangerous power of all time is stirring.

The people of Earth have relied upon the power of the Dragon Balls to maintain peace and order, but the mystical relics are cracking and from their creeping chasms, seven Shadow Dragons are unleashed. Each more deadly than the last.

Our View:

The second season collection of Dragon Ball GT brings two (and a half) complete Story Arcs, a 45 minute TV Special and a whole lot of Super Sayian 4 action, this is Dragon Ball at its ultimate level but unfortunately even that isn’t good enough for what lies ahead. I’m not just talking about the storyline either, as while Super Sayian 4 isn’t enough to defeat Omega Shenron (the final villain in the Shadow Dragon saga) this particular set has some troubling quality issues.

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The issues in question is the video quality, most of the episodes are perfectly fine with a consistent picture quality, however some scenes (such as a flashback to Dragon Ball Z which sees Super Sayian Goku against Majin Vegeta) the quality drop is noticeable. For instance in this particular scene the yellow super sayian hair has more of a green tint, has noticeable picture grain and looks slightly blurred. Like I mentioned this doesn’t happen all of the time, but when it does it can be noticeable. Amusingly this isn’t the releases only issue either, as the biggest problem is with the Hero’s Legacy Movie.

The Hero’s Legacy Movie, which is a 45 minute TV Special set 100 years after the events of Dragon Ball GT that sees Goku Jnr in seach of a Dragon Ball, feels more like a bootleg than an authentic release. The reason I say this is because the entire feature hardly has any colour, the picture looks slightly blurred and it has a strange fading issue. I should probably point out that all of these problems were persistent in the US release so it’s not an encoding error by Manga UK (or their disc author’s Madman Entertainment), instead it’s a quality error direct from the source. Until a better source (or a better re-master) is created this is the best it’s going to get, which is kind of disappointing as the Hero’s Legacy Movie is actually quite good.

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Disregarding the quality issues for the moment the second collection of Dragon Ball GT contains 31 episodes over five DVD discs, with the remainder of the Baby Saga, the complete Super Android 17 and complete Shadow Dragon sagas being told. These three sagas are easily the best storylines, with each offering a constant stream of explosive battles, battles which usually result in Goku transforming to Super Sayian 4. While the first instalment of Dragon Ball GT distanced itself from past series, this one actually relies upon it and as such experience with Dragon Ball (and Dragon Ball Z) is needed, as it features characters and scenes from past events. Without this prior knowledge the remaining story arcs will not have the same effect, but they are still entertaining to watch.

For instance the Super Android 17 saga sees Dr Gero (from the Android saga in Dragon Ball Z) and Dr Myuu (from the Baby Saga in Dragon Ball GT) team up to escape from hell, the end result being a stronger version of Android 17 running rampage in the city with enemies once thought dead, such as Cell and Frezia, seeking revenge on Goku. It’s an intense, rather short, saga but it brings a few familiar faces back into the limelight, including a rather comical brief appearance from Nappa.

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In reality the Super Android 17 saga is just a prelude of things to come as the final saga, entitled the Shadow Dragon saga, sees an evil shenron appear out of the regular dragon balls and in turn changes the dragon balls into real dragons. These evil dragons scatter off into various regions of earth, each of which plan on taking their revenge on the planet. It’s explained that each wish granted leaves a negative effect on the Dragon Balls and because so much has built up each ball has taken a form of a dragon to take revenge on the planet. Seeing as Goku is the one mostly responsible he ventures off in search of the dragon (balls) and ends up fighting each dragon one by one, that is until he encounters Omega Shenron. Omega Shenron is the most powerful enemy in the entire Dragon Ball GT universe, and as such Super Sayian 4 is not enough, the solution…. Fusion!

This instalment of Dragon Ball GT is basically one explosive Super Sayian (4) battle after another, but unlike Dragon Ball Z the fights are shorter, sweeter and are much more fun to watch over longer periods.


The only extra features included with this Season Two release of Dragon Ball GT are the text less songs, both of which are featured on the fifth DVD disc.


The TV Special, A Hero’s Legacy, is also located on the fifth DVD Disc and an option to choose between the remaining episodes of the Dragon Ball GT Series or the TV Special is brought up before the DVD’s main menu.


Media:  DVD 9 x5
Region: 2
Running Time:  2:42:10 (Disc 1), 2:42:18 (Disc 2), 2:19:08 (Disc 3), 2:19:09 (Disc 4), 2:16:38 (Disc 5)
Video: MPEG-2
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 448Kbps (English) & Dolby Digital 2.0 224kbps (English & Japanese)
Subtitles: English (Yellow)
Resolution: 720 x 576 (576i)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Frame Rate: 25 fps


Dragon Ball GT – Season 2 is the epic conclusion to the GT Storyline of the Dragon Ball franchise, whereby Goku finally becomes Super Sayian 4 to defeat Baby Vegeta, old enemies appear from the grave for revenge and a realisation that relying on the Dragon Balls too much is dangerous. For me this Season 2 collection is one of my favourite Dragon Ball releases, it has three different story arcs, a constrant stream of super sayian entertainment and hads nods to the previous dragon ball storylines, but more importantly it’s quick, simple and entertaining.

DBGT_Season2_Screenshot (3)

What’s even more entertaining is that just like with the previous instalment there are three different audio options and a marathon mode. These audio options include an English 5.1 Surround Sound (which features original Japanese background music), the FUNimation English dub broadcast audio (the same one which was broadcast on TV in America) and finally the original Japanese audio. The Japanese audio does of course feel dated, especially compared to the English Dub, but for those wanting the authentic Japanese Dragon Ball experience than it is included for your viewing pleasure.

Of course with the good is always the bad and with this instalment its no different. The lack of additional extras is disappointing, but this is probably due to the age of the series, and that the fact that the overall visual quality of the series is questionable. A Hero’s Legacy Movie looks, put simply, terrible and segments of the main series don’t look ‘that great’ either – it’s nothing like the re-mastered versions of Dragon Ball Z, which yet again is a real shame.

DBGT_Season2_Screenshot (5)

This DVD release of Dragon Ball GT – Season 2 is a real mixed bag, content wise it has everything to excite die-hard Dragon Ball fans, but the quality seen in A Hero’s Legacy and some of the Series episodes does make it a questionable release. Of course this isn’t Manga UK faults, nor is it Madman Entertainments fault, it is just due to the source materials and the age of the series, but at the same time that’s what makes the Dragon Ball franchise so appealing, it’s not perfect but it’s still great to watch.

Score: review-stars-3

Dragon Ball GT – Season 2 will be available on DVD from the 17th March 2014.

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