DVD Review: Mayo Chiki – The Complete Collection

Does Mayo Chiki provide the right balance of comedy and fanservice? or is it a nosebleed too far? Find out in our DVD Review of Mayo Chiki – The Complete Collection.


When you’ve got acute gynophobia, even a pretty girl can be like a malady, and as the sparring partner for his family of female wrestlers, Sakamachi Kinjiro has the worst case ever! Just one touch makes his nose bleed, so school’s a bloody nightmare even before Kanade, the principal’s twisted daughter, deduces both Kinjiro’s “feminine issue” and that his name contains the sounds “Chi” and “Kin” back to back. But Chi-Kinjiro’s female troubles don’t totally redline until a wrong turn in the men’s room exposes the secret Subaru, Kanade’s manservant, has been hiding in the water closet. (Well, to be fair, SHE is still a servant.)

Our View:

Sakamachi Kinjiro is your typical high-school guy but with a unique difference, not only does he have the word ‘chicken’ mentioned in his full name but he also suffers from Gynophobia, a rare condition that makes his nose bleed whenever he gets into contact with a female. So when he stumbles into the boy’s toilets to find a boy wearing girl’s underwear he knows he’s headed for a world of trouble.

It turns out that this boy is none other than Subaru Konoe, a butler for the principal’s daughter, Kanade Suzutsuki, however it also turns out that this ‘boy’ is infact a girl pretending to be a boy due to a promise she made with her master, Kanade. So, with a little bit of persuasion, a deal between Kinjiro, Kanade and Subaru is formed. The deal is that Sakamachi Kinjiro, nicknamed Jiro, will keep it a secret that Subaru Konoe is actually a girl, while Subaru along with Kanade will try to cure Jiro’s weakness of women. It sounds like a perfect deal, but in reality it creates a world of problems for Jiro, as Kanade sets up all sorts of humiliating stunts for both Jiro and Subaru, all of which create life-changing results.


These results don’t go un-noticed at school, as the S4 (Shooting Star Subaru-Sama) committee, a committee setup to worship Subaru, keeps attacking Jiro and sabotaging his daily activities, while at the same time the Let’s Warmly protect Subaru-Sama committee intervenes to protect both Subaru and Jiro. Things don’t go so smoothly at home either as Kureha, Jiro’s younger sister, suspects that Jiro is a homosexual and does anything to prove it, even by using help from Kanade and ex-S4 member Masamune Usami.

The inclusion of cat-eared, slash fiction writer Nakuru Narumi also creates more problems for Jiro and the gang, as not only does she write fictions that depict Jiro and Subaru in close intimate situations, but she also has an unhealthy obsession with people wearing glasses which creates a comical bond between herself and Jiro, with annoyed Subaru sitting on the sidelines trying to figure out her own feelings for Jiro.


Continuing on with the traditional style of minimal DVD extras on anime DVD’s, viewers will find textless opening & closing songs for the show as well as a variety of trailers.


Trailers included are for Rosario & Vampire, Ga-Rei-Zero and Majikoi-Oh Samurai Girls. All of which are Australian trailers (as the DVD Discs were authored by Madman Entertainment) but more importantly all of the shows trailered are currently being distributed in the UK by MVM Entertainment .

Tech Specs:

Media: DVD 9 x2
Running Time: 2:42:34 (Disc 1), 2:18:42 (Disc 2) (13 Episodes)
Video: MPEG-2
Audio: Dobly Digital 2.0 – 224kbps (Japanese)
Resolution: 720 x 576 (576i)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Frame Rate: 25 fps


On the surface Mayo Chiki tells the story of how making a deal can go bad, especially if it’s with the wrong person (in this case Kanade Suzutsuki), however in reality it’s the story surrounding the developing relationship between Jiro and Subaru. Both of these characters had no interaction with each other until they met in the toilets and since then their relationship was for the sake of the secret, but during the course of the series we see Subaru open up to Jiro. While Subaru wants to take it further she is afraid to ruin her first friendship and since Jiro doesn’t make any moves with women, Kanade steps in to help them, in her own perverted ways.

This is the real back story of the anime and throughout the series all of the ‘main cast’, which include Jiro, Subaru, Kanade, Narumi, Usami and Kureha, get dragged into a variety of comical situations that include harem and ecchi scenes (so viewers discretion is advised). Despite this ‘sexualized’ approach to the series (in some situations) the overall show is very enjoyable and can provide plenty of laughs.


Unlike most DVD Releases by MVM Entertainment, Mayo Chiki is a subtitled only release, meaning that an English Audio track is not included on the disc. What we do have on the discs though are standard Japanese 2.0 Stereo Audio track with removable English subtitles, with the inclusion of Textless Openings & Trailers on the second disc. The subtitles themselves are yellow and are easily readable no matter the size of your screen. The reason why this release doesn’t include an English language track is because it hasn’t been dubbed, but at the same time if an English Audio track was included it may have hindered the experience of the show, as the Japanese voice cast provides an enjoyable audio experience.

Mayo Chiki also provides some fan-service, via the traditional beach episode and panty-shots, as well as a unique cosplay cameo appearance from Natsuru & Aria at an Expo; all of these inclusions don’t deviate from the plot of the main story, but instead add more comical value to it. Overall Mayo Chiki is an enjoyable TV series that provides entertainment via the form of sexualized ecchi and harem style comedy, which while this may be considered inappropriate by some viewers it’s something that only happens briefly throughout the series as the main focus is the developing relationship between main characters Jiro and Subaru.

Score: review-stars-3

Mayo Chiki – The Complete Collection will be available on DVD from the 13th May 2013.

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