DVD Review: Shakugan No Shana – Season 2 – Part 2

The ever confusing story of Yuji, Shana, Yoshida and the rest of the gang continues in MVM Entertainment’s release of Shakugan no Shana – Season 2 Part 2, but is it more enjoyable than the first half? Find out in our DVD Review.


Shana and Yuji face their greatest foes yet as they battle Denizens who desire the Midnight Lost Child for their own. Amidst a whirlwind battle with the beautiful Pheles, a Flame Haze goes berserk and friends get caught in the chaos. Then, the Bal Masque returns to execute a scheme that could spell the end for Yuji. Will a newly discovered strength give Yuji and Shana the edge to save themselves and the city from total destruction – or will evil engulf both his world and hers? (via MVM Entertainment)

Our View:

Continuing on from where Part 1 left off,  Shakugan No Shana Season 2 Part 2 begins in destructive fashion. Whereby during the Autumn Festival a destructive whirlwind appears and engulfs Yuji, leaving the flame-hazes below confused and unable to respond. After a quick introduction it turns out that this yellow whirlwind is non-other than Pheles’s, a flame-haze long thought dead, who has returned looking for her lost lover, Johan.

It’s an explosive start to the second half of the series, and it more than makes up for the ‘love dreary’ first half, however this fast-pace is only short lived as after the first few episodes, which includes a surprise attack from Supreme Throne Hecate as well as a rampaging Margery Daw, we return to the slower pace narrative that occurred during the first half.


This slower paced narrative isn’t exactly welcome, but it is needed, as not only does it explain some of the newer changes that have occurred, such as Tanaka’s feelings to Margery Daw and the flame-hazes, but it also reveals hidden truth’s surrounding the Midnight Lost child, the treasure tool which is inside Yuji Sakai, and the mysterious transfer student Konoe.

That being said the episodes which occur later on in the series provide plenty of action, with Bal Masque finally making a real appearence and attacking Misaki City in full force, which provides deadly consequences for Yuji, Shana and Wilhelmina as they take on the seemingly undefeatable Sabrac in combat.


Shakugan No Shana Season 2 Part 2 contains plenty of extra feautres, some of which appeared on Part 1, and just like Part 1 all of the extra content is located on Disc 2.

The extras included are two mini episodes, in the form of Naze Nani Shana II and Shakugan No Shana-Tan Revenge, an Audio Commentary from the English Cast (Episode 21 only) and every single opening and closing song, in textless form, from the series.


If Part 1 of Shakugan No Shana Season 2 is considered as the ‘story-telling’ segment of the series, then Part 2 is definitely the ‘action’ segment. It may sound amusing to some, but Part 2 features a lot more immersive action, such as the fight scenes between Sabrac and Wilhemina. In addition to the immersive action this half of the series also contains some more character development, whether it be Yuji honing his flame-haze styled skills, Yoshida coming to terms with her feelings or Tanaka avoiding Margery Daw, there is always something happening on screen which inevitably evolves that characters personality.

Compared to the first half of the series, the second series is a lot more enjoyable to watch, as it features a steady paced flow of action, storyline and plot development that inevitably leads to an interesting conclusion, futhermore this half of the series feels more ‘true to the first season’ by featuring battles with denizens in addition to character relationships. However despite it being more enjoyable that the first half, it still has its share of problems, such as the build up to Phele’s appearence being a short lived encounter depsite being one of the ‘important’ factors of the story.


In regards to the actual DVD release by MVM Entertainment the 12 episodes are spread across 2 DVD Discs, with the first seven episodes being on Disc 1 with the remaining five on Disc 2, with the remaining space on Disc 2 being used up by the extra features. The English Audio Track is presented in 5.1 Surround Sound, while the Japanese Audio track is in 2.0 Stereo. Depsite the English track being in Surround Sound, much like Part 1 and the rest of FUNimation Dubs, it’s barely noticable so viewers without surround sound setups will not miss out.

Shakugan No Shana – Season 2 – Part 2 concludes the ‘second’ series with some twisting, surprising results and unlike part 1 it provides plenty of enticing entertainment that makes viewers want to watch more. If you have enjoyed Shakugan No Shana so far then you will throughly enjoy this release, however to newcomers i’d highly recomend starting from the beginning otherwise you would be completely lost on what’s happening.

Score: review-stars-3

Shakugan No Shana – Season 2 – Part 2 will be available on DVD from the 8th April 2013 within the UK.

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