DVD Review: Dream Eater Merry – The Complete Series

The MVM Entertainment DVD release of Dream Eater Merry has been out for several weeks now, but is it a bad dream of a good dream for Merry and the gang? Find out in our DVD Review of Dream Eater Merry:


Sometimes daydreaming can get you into trouble, but what do you do when it’s other people’s dreams that you have to watch out for? Yumeji Fujiwara has the unique ability to predict what kind of dreams other people will have, but lately, his own dreams have taken a bizarre turn in which he’s being pursued by armies of cats. Stranger yet, Yumeji learns that the leader of the dream cats needs his body to access the Real World.

Finally, the strange becomes downright weird when a beautiful girl suddenly drops on top of him and announces that she’s a Dream Demon looking for a way back to the Dream World! The fabric that separates reality and fantasy is torn to shreds, and Yumeji has a lot of sleepless nights ahead of him as he has to deal with both the dream stalking and a dream walking! (via MVM Films)

Our view:

Dream Eater Merry tells the tale of Yumeji Fujiwara, an average high-school student with a unique ability to predict the type of dreams that people will have, where after some bizarre nightmares that involve chasing cats, Yumeji meets Merry Nightmare, a girl with no memories of who she is. It later turns out that Merry isn’t an ordinary girl, but in fact a ‘Dream Demon’ who has cross-overed from the dream world and is looking for a way back home, so Yumeji and Merry eventually team up to make that dream a reality.

To make the story slightly easier to understand there are ‘two worlds’ within the Dream Eater Merry universe. The real world and the dream world. In the real world people have dreams and hopes for the future, while in the dream world dream demons exist and feed off human dreams. Demons who feed off human dreams can ‘cross-over’ into the real world by possessing them, some dream demons do it for friendship while others do it for their evil-master, named Pharos Heracles.


When Merry & Yumeji learn of this fact, that Dream Demons are being controlled by Pharos Heracles, they both decide to team up and help each other by defeating any dream demons they encounter, in addition to finding a way back home for Merry, thus Dream Eater Merry, the dream demon hunter, is born. While this ‘dream demon hunter’ role may deviate from the original goal, it actually helps Merry by discovering who she really is, as she can interact with more dream demons. However over the course of the series it feels more like filler, or side-tracked from the main objective, rather than for Merry to discover her roots, as more information is discovered about Pharos, but this is just part of the build up for the climatic ending.

In addition to our main cast, which includes Merry, Yumeji and Yumeji childhood friend Isana Tachibana, viewers are introduced to a variety of different characters, most of which contain a dream demon inside. However while the series contains a variety of characters majority of them only get brief screen-time, with many being introduced (at random) so that they can die seconds later by a ‘mysterious’ dream demon.. It’s not a bad thing, but it happens quiet a lot throughout the series to characters that no-one really cares about – so it doesn’t have much of an impact, but it does slowly introduce one of the ‘main’ enemies in preparation for the climatic ending.


The MVM Entertainment release seems to mimic the Sentai Filmworks US Release, with seven episodes on Disc 1 and the remaining six episodes on disc 2. In terms of extra content there is the ‘textless / clean’ opening and closing songs as well as trailers for three other anime shows, two of which have not been released in the UK.


The trailers in question are Toradora, Arakawa Under the Bridge and Bodacious Space Pirates – two of which are not available in the UK, while Bodacious Space Pirates is another MVM Entertainment Release. Still it’s three trailers extra than whats usually included on Manga Entertainment Discs.


Over the course of its 13 episode series, with 1 episode reserved for fan-service in the ‘beach’ episode, Dream Eater Merry tells the story of Merry Nightmare & Yumeji Fujiwara, an unlikely duo that slay dream demons in the dream world. Merry isn’t all about slaying demons though, as she is also looking for answers and how to get home as well as to find out exactly who she is, while at the same time Yumeji is looking to avoid having nightmares in his sleep from the amusingly curious Chaser.

Story and characters aside the animation and music used within the Dream Eater Merry anime is enjoyable and fits well with whats going on on-screen, additionally the art style and background colour changes between the real world and dream world, something similar to what’s seen in Madoka Magica, which offers viewers the impression that they really have changed worlds. A brighter colour pallet is used within the real world, whereas in the dream world a darker tone is used – darker colours and environments are also used when the atmosphere of show becomes darker, such as the introduction of evil (psychotic) merry or when a dream demons invade the real world. It’s an appropriate use of environments and colours that make the show work, however the story and action-sequences seem slow paced and uninformative to what we are used to nowadays.


In terms of this UK Release, the discs seem to use the same content seen previously on the US Sentai Filmworks release, so trailers from shows not released in the UK are included as on-disc extras. Both disc’s include English & Japanese audio tracks, with the discs automatically set to ‘Japanese with English Subtitles’, it’s not a bad thing but if you prefer English Audio track then you will have to visit the ‘Setup’ menu each time you load the disc. However for those wanting the ‘authentic’ Japanese experience the English subtitles cannot be turned off, whereas the subtitles on the English language version can be altered – its not a huge disappointment, but it will be to pure Japanese anime fans that want to watch it in Japanese without subtitles.

Score: review-stars-3

Dream Eater Merry – The Complete Series is now available on DVD within the UK.

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  1. how is the english dub against the japanese ?

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