Studio Ghibli Season on Film4 has Begun – Full list of Films, Dates & Times Confirmed


Film4, the UK free-to-view TV Channel will today begin its ‘Studio Ghibli’ season, whereby each day for the next three weeks they will be broadcasting a different Studio Ghibli based film.

Fan favourites such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and The Cat Returns as well as new releases such as Arrietty and Ponyo are all included in the studio Ghibli season, better yet some films will be shown twice so that viewers can watch them in English or Japanese with English Subtitles.

Film4 is available on Freeview (Channel 15), Sky (Channel 315 & 316), Virgin Media (428,429 & 430) and Freesat (300 & 301)

Here is the full list of films that are being shown throughout the Studio Ghibli Season:

Tuesday 26th March 2013:

6:30pm – Spirited Away (Japanese with English Subtitles)

Wednesday 27th March 2013:

6:05pm – Princess Mononoke (Japanese with English Subtitles)

Thursday 28th March 2013:

11:00am – The Cat Returns (Japanese with English Subtitles)

4:35pm – Porco Roso (English)

Friday 29th March 2013:

4:45pm – Kiki’s Delivery Service (English)

Saturday 30th March 2013:

4:55pm – My Neighbour Totoro (English)

Sunday 31st March 2013:

5:15pm – Arrietty (English)

Monday 1st April 2013:

4:35pm – Howl’s Moving Castle (English)

Tuesday 2nd April 2013:

3:15pm – The Castle of Cagliostro (English)

Wednesday 3rd April 2013:

2:50PM – Ponyo (English)

Thursday 4th April 2013:

11:00am – Ocean Waves (Japanese with English Subtitles)

2:35pm – Pom Poko (English)

Friday 5th April 2013:

2:40pm – Whisper of the Heart (English)

12:15am – Grave of the Fireflies (Japanese with English Subtitles)

Saturday 6th April 2013:

4:35pm – Spirited Away (English)

Sunday 7th April 2013:

3:00pm – The Cat Returns (English)

Monday 8th April 2013:

2.25pm – Tales from Earthsea (English)

Tuesday 9th April 2013:

12:55pm – Only Yesterday (Japanese with English Subtitles)

Wednesday 10th April 2013:

1:10pm – Princess Mononoke (English)

Thursday 11th April 2013:

11:00am – Little Norse Prince (Japanese with English Subtitles)

2:30pm – Castle in the Sky (English)

Friday 12th April 2013:

TBC – Howl’s Moving Castle (Japanese with English Subtitles)

Saturday 13th April 2013:

TBC – Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Japanese with English Subtitles)

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